Build stability: 3 out of the last 5 builds failed.40
Build History
MicroProfile Metrics 2.0.3
MicroProfile Metrics 2.2.1
MicroProfile Metrics 2.2.1-RC2
MicroProfile 3.2
MicroProfile Metrics 2.2.1-RC1
MicroProfile Metrics 2.0.3-RC1
MP Metrics 2.3-M1
MicroProfile Metrics 2.0.3-RC1
MicroProfile Metrics 2.0.3-RC1
Finally! Green builds again...
Making much progress! New substitution errors....
New github permission issues. One step at a time...
This build tried to run the 'sh' command under double-quotes to hopefully fix variable expansion...
Okay, so we have no idea how to make the build parameters available to this new sshagent block...
Another failure with variable substitution
one error at time... past the "git config" issue, now problems with pushing to repo...
Getting further (past the gpg signing issue, it looks like). But, now we're hitting a problem...
Failed due to gpg signing issue, likely related to the JIRO migration.
Failed due to invalid access rights to our microprofile repo...
Didn't work due to incorrect JDK reference in build script.

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