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Release Candidate 1 - preduced on 2020-01-13
MicroProfile Context Propagation 1.0.2 updates the TCK dependencies to Jakarta EE rather than...
MicroProfile Metrics 2.0.3
MicroProfile Metrics 2.2.1
MicroProfile Metrics 2.2.1-RC2
MicroProfile 3.2
MicroProfile Metrics 2.2.1-RC1
MicroProfile Metrics 2.0.3-RC1
MP Metrics 2.3-M1
MicroProfile Metrics 2.0.3-RC1
MicroProfile Metrics 2.0.3-RC1
Finally! Green builds again...
Making much progress! New substitution errors....
New github permission issues. One step at a time...
This build tried to run the 'sh' command under double-quotes to hopefully fix variable expansion...
Okay, so we have no idea how to make the build parameters available to this new sshagent block...


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