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This is the build site for building the UML2 project.

The UML2 Git Repository is used by these builds.

Promoted builds are published to

To set up a local environment where you can replicate this build, install (Windows), or unpack (Mac/Linux), and then run the OS/Platform-appropriate Eclipse Installer from the following list:
Windows 64 Bit Windows 32 Bit Mac OS 64 Bit Linux 64 Bit Linux 32 Bit
Then drag and drop the following link to the Eclipse Installer's title area:
UML2 Development Environment
Alternatively, copy the link location from the button above and apply it to the Eclipse Installer either via the menu in the upper right in simple mode or via the left-most toolbar button to the upper right in advanced mode.

When the development environment is installed, you can use Run → Run History → UML2 Nightly Build to launch the Maven Tycho build step that builds UML2 and its update site.