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  1. Add support for docker image using ubuntu-18.04 and test jenkins file (details)
  2. Change name of container for test pod (details)
  3. Fix container in test jenkins file (details)
  4. Bug 563993: Switch Trace Compass builds to use Ubuntu 18.04. (details)
  5. Add symlink to latest trace-server version (details)
  6. deploy-rcp: Add the 6th parameters (addSymlink) to all calls (details)
  7. deploy-rcp: Fix the missing fi at the end (details)
  8. rcp-deploy: Fixed bash syntax to get pattern length (details)
  9. deploy-rcp: copy the latest instead of symlink (details)
  10. Only delete Trace Compass RCP archives before deploying the archives (details)
  1. statesystem: Fix unused import errors (details)

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