Project sirius.sonar-master

Launch tests and Sonar analysis.
This job is also impacted by Sirius tests problem on Eclipse infrastructure (see bugzilla 445371 for more details).
The Eclipse infrastructure has moved from SonarQube to SonarCloud (see bugzilla 553734). So results of the analyzes launched before december 2019 are available on SonarQube and the other launched after are available on SonarCloud.
"swtbot" profile has been removed since december 2019. The Eclipse platform changes, JIPP and/or Container Docker, make swtbot fail with unknown reasons (maybe resources problem on Docker). To reactivate it, just add "swtbot" to the profiles list in the 2 maven commands.
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org.eclipse.sirius.tests.junit/target/surefire.properties597 B view
org.eclipse.sirius.tests.junit/target/work/data/.metadata/.log741.22 KB view
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org_eclipse_sirius_tests_swtbot-SWTBot-Sequence.txt286.89 KB view
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org.eclipse.sirius.tests.swtbot/target/work/data/.metadata/.log408.88 KB view
org.eclipse.sirius.tests.tree/target/surefire.properties599 B view
org.eclipse.sirius.tests.tree/target/work/data/.metadata/.log44.06 KB view B view KB view
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