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Build History
The second candidate patch release
MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 1.1.2-RC1
First release candidate of 1.1.1
MicroProfile 2.0.1 Final Release
MicroProfile 2.0.1-RC3
MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 1.1.1 Final Release
MicroProfile 2.0.1-RC2
MicroProfile 2.0.1-RC2. Something messed up on the Jenkins side of things... I will re-submit...
MicroProfile 2.0.1-RC1
MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 1.1.1-CR1
Final MicroProfile 1.4 Release Build.
Final MicroProfile 2.0 Release Build.
MicroProfile 1.4-RC1
MicroProfile 2.0-RC1
The 1.1 release of MP-JWT
MicroProfile Config 13 final release
MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 1.1 final release

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MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 1.1 final release
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