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GitHub Organization Keyple Projects

Folder name: Keyple
keyple-card-calypso-crypto-legacysam-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: Calypso legacy SAM extension lib for end users
keyple-card-calypso-crypto-pki-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: Calypso PKI extension lib for end users
keyple-card-calypso-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: Calypso card extension lib for end users
keyple-card-generic-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: add-on library to operate generic smartcard solution (based on the Calypso Terminal Card API) / for end users
keyple-common-java-apiEclipse Keyple™ Project: common API for all modules
keyple-cpp'DEPRECATED' Eclipse Keyple™ Project: all components of the C++ implementation until version 0.9.0
keyple-distributed-local-java-apiEclipse Keyple™ Project: API for distributed local service developers
keyple-distributed-local-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: distributed local service API for end users
keyple-distributed-network-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: distributed network API for end users
keyple-distributed-remote-java-apiEclipse Keyple™ Project: API for distributed remote plugin developers
keyple-distributed-remote-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: distributed remote plugin API for end users
keyple-integration-java-testEclipse Keyple™ Project: java integration tests / internal to the project
keyple-java'DEPRECATED' Eclipse Keyple™ Project: deprecated repository embedding all components of the Java implementation until version 1.0.0
keyple-java-exampleEclipse Keyple™ Project: use case examples of the Keyple Java components for end users
keyple-opsEclipse Keyple™ Project: Ops settings
keyple-plugin-android-nfc-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: Android NFC plugin library for end users
keyple-plugin-android-omapi-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: Android OMAPI plugin API for end users
keyple-plugin-cardresource-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: Card Resource plugin lib for end users
keyple-plugin-java-apiEclipse Keyple™ Project - Java implementation: API for plugin developers
keyple-plugin-pcsc-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: PC/SC plugin lib for end users
keyple-plugin-stub-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: stub plugin API for end users
keyple-service-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project - Java implementation: main service API for end users
keyple-service-resource-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: add-on library to define a profile-based card resource allocation mechanism
keyple-util-java-libEclipse Keyple™ Project: utility library for all users