org.eclipse.jdt.core.tests.compiler.regression.GenericTypeSignatureTest.test004 - 1.8 (from org.eclipse.jdt.core.tests.compiler.regression.TestAll)

Failing for the past 1 build (Since Failed#9 )
Took 0.71 sec.


junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: null
	at junit.framework.Assert.assertTrue(
	at junit.framework.Assert.assertNotNull(
	at junit.framework.Assert.assertNotNull(
	at junit.framework.TestCase.assertNotNull(
	at org.eclipse.jdt.core.tests.compiler.regression.GenericTypeSignatureTest.test004(

Standard Output

test004: Not possible to launch Sun javac compilation!

Full results sent to /tmp/comptest/run.1514610271420/1.8.0_131_20171230_000432.txt

Standard Error

--- javac err: --- warning: [rawtypes] found raw type: B
public class X <T extends Object & p.B> extends p.A<T> {
  missing type arguments for generic class B<T>
  where T is a type-variable:
    T extends Object declared in interface B
1 warning