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Build History
Release 9.0.0-RC2 Platform and Web Profile API jar files
Dry run to release 9.0.0-RC2 of API jar files
Release 9.0.0-RC1 Platform and Web Profile APIs
Dry run to release 9.0.0-RC1 (-1009)
List Staging Repos to ensure there is only one closed repo to release...
list profiles only
list staging repos only (empty list)
Bill-release api to maven central
Bill-dry run-release api to maven central
Try with correct STAGING_DESC.
kws-try release with proper staging id, not sure about description...
kws-dry run with proper staging id...
kws-list staging repos
kws-release api to maven central (didn't work)
kws-dry run of api release to maven central
kws-dry run of parent release to maven central (not needed?)
kws-list operation to ensure staging is closed
kws-dry run, list profiles...
kws-dry run, listing staging repositories
kws-dry run, list profiles...

Project nexus-release

Staged releases which are part of this project, gets pushed to Maven Central with the help of this job.
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