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[Wed Sep 23 10:22:00 EDT 2020] Starting branch indexing...
10:22:01 Connecting to using eclipse-glsp-bot/****** (GitHub bot)
Examining eclipse-glsp/glsp-client

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No changes detected: master (still at 197cba732c5b8fa2cfcae1b802497eb4960c4182)

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    Checking pull request #86
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No changes detected: PR-86 (still at 8ff9b0487a3de98650ebffad3ccc74bcb386d7d3+197cba732c5b8fa2cfcae1b802497eb4960c4182 (dcb4e99b6f4dd805905967512a0cb404b82c48ca))

  1 pull requests were processed

Finished examining eclipse-glsp/glsp-client

[Wed Sep 23 10:22:04 EDT 2020] Finished branch indexing. Indexing took 3.1 sec
Finished: SUCCESS