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Eclipse CI

This is the Eclipse Foundation's CI environment. View jobs on the Shared Instance or browse to a project-specific instance listed below.
Project committers can use CI Control to start/stop their instance.

3P (hipp10) EMF (hipp10) Kapua (hipp9) Rcptt (openshift)
4diac (okd) Emfatic (okd) Keti (openshift) Rdf4j (openshift)
Acceleo (hipp10) Emfcloud (openshift) Keyple (openshift) Reddeer (openshift)
Actf (openshift) Emfcompare (hipp10) Kiso (openshift) Releng (openshift)
Acute (openshift) Emfservices (openshift) Kitalpha (openshift) Repairnator (openshift)
Ajdt (openshift) Emfstore (openshift) Krazo (openshift) RMF (openshift)
Amalgam (openshift) Epsilon (openshift) Kuksa (openshift) Scava (openshift)
Antenna (openshift) Equinox (openshift) Kura (openshift) Scout (openshift)
Apogy (openshift) ES (openshift) Lemminx (openshift) Secoblocks (openshift)
App4mc (openshift) Escet (okd) Leshan (openshift) Sensinact (openshift)
ATL (openshift) ESF (openshift) Libra (openshift) Servlet (openshift)
Authentication (openshift) Etrice (openshift) Linuxtools (openshift) Shared (hipp9)
Basyx (openshift) Faces (openshift) LS (openshift) Shellwax (openshift)
Bean-validation (openshift) GEF (openshift) Lsp4j (hipp9) Simrel (okd)
Bpel (openshift) Gemini (openshift) Lsp4mp (openshift) Sirius (openshift)
Bpmn2 (openshift) Gemoc (openshift) LYO (openshift) Sisu (openshift)
CA (openshift) Gendoc (openshift) M2E (openshift) Skills (openshift)
Californium (openshift) Geogig (openshift) Mail (openshift) Smartmdsd (openshift)
Capella (openshift) Geomesa (openshift) MAT (okd) Soteria (openshift)
Capra (hipp10) Geotrellis (hipp10) Mdht (openshift) Spatial4j (okd)
CBI (okd) Geowave (openshift) Mdmbl (hipp9) Sphinx (hipp9)
CDI (openshift) Glassfish-tools (openshift) Metro (openshift) Sprotty (openshift)
CDO (hipp10) Glassfish (openshift) Microprofile (openshift) Statet (okd)
CDT (openshift) Glsp (openshift) Milo (hipp9) Steady (okd)
Ceylon (openshift) Gmf-runtime (okd) Mita (hipp9) Stem (openshift)
Che4z (openshift) Graphiti (hipp9) Modisco (openshift) Sumo (openshift)
CHE (openshift) Grizzly (openshift) Mojarra (openshift) Sw360 (openshift)
Chemclipse (okd) Handly (openshift) Mosaic (openshift) Swtbot (openshift)
Chess (openshift) Hawk (openshift) MPC (openshift) Swtchart (okd)
Codewind (openshift) Hawkbit (hipp10) MVC (openshift) TCF (hipp10)
Cognicrypt (openshift) Henshin (openshift) MWE (openshift) TEA (openshift)
Collections (openshift) Hono (okd) Mylyn (hipp9) Texlipse (okd)
Concierge (openshift) ICE (okd) N4js (openshift) Theia (openshift)
Corev (okd) Interceptors (openshift) Nattable (okd) Tigerstripe (openshift)
Corrosion (openshift) Iottestware (openshift) Nebula (openshift) Time4sys (openshift)
CU (openshift) Jacc (openshift) Nosql (openshift) Tinydtls (okd)
Dartboard (openshift) JAF (openshift) Objectteams (hipp10) Tm4e (openshift)
Dash (okd) Jakartaee-platform (openshift) OCL (openshift) TM (hipp10)
Datatools (openshift) Jakartaee-spec-committee (openshift) OMR (hipp10) Tracecompass (openshift)
Diffmerge (openshift) Jakartaee-stable (openshift) Oneofour (openshift) Triquetrum (okd)
Ditto (openshift) Jakartaee-tck (openshift) Oomph (hipp10) Tycho (openshift)
Dltk (openshift) January (hipp9) Opencert (openshift) Tyrus (openshift)
Docs (openshift) Jaxb-impl (openshift) Openj9 (openshift) Udig (openshift)
E4 (hipp10) Jaxb (openshift) Openk-platform (openshift) Uml2 (hipp10)
Ease (openshift) Jaxrs (openshift) Openk-usermodules (openshift) Uomo (openshift)
EBR (openshift) Jaxws (openshift) Openmq (openshift) UPR (openshift)
ECF (openshift) JCA (openshift) ORB (openshift) Usssdk (hipp10)
Eclemma (hipp9) JDT (openshift) Orbit (openshift) Viatra (hipp10)
Eclipselink (openshift) Jemo (openshift) Orion (openshift) Virgo (openshift)
Ecoretools (openshift) Jersey (openshift) Osbp (openshift) Vorto (openshift)
ECP (openshift) Jetty (hipp9) Osee (openshift) Wasp (okd)
Edapt (openshift) Jgit (openshift) Packager (openshift) Websocket (openshift)
Ee4j (openshift) Jkube (openshift) Packages (openshift) Webtools (hipp10)
EEF (openshift) JMS (openshift) Packaging (hipp10) Wildwebdeveloper (openshift)
Efbt (openshift) Jnosql (openshift) Paho (hipp9) Windowbuilder (hipp9)
EFM (hipp10) JPA (openshift) Papyrus (hipp9) Winery (openshift)
Efxclipse (openshift) Jsonb (openshift) Passage (openshift) Xacc (okd)
Egerrit (openshift) Jsonp (openshift) PDE (openshift) Xpect (openshift)
EGF (openshift) JSP (openshift) PDT (hipp9) Xsemantics (openshift)
Egit (openshift) Jstl (openshift) Platform (openshift) Xtext (openshift)
EJB (openshift) JTA (openshift) Proj4j (openshift) XWT (openshift)
EL (openshift) JTS (hipp10) PTP (openshift) Yasson (openshift)
ELK (okd) Jubula (openshift) Qvt-oml (openshift) Zenoh (openshift)
Embed-cdt (openshift) Justj (openshift) Qvtd (openshift)
Emf-parsley (hipp10) JWT (hipp9) RAP (hipp9)

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