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  1. adds feature for creating ServiceTemplates from an artefact, whereas (commit: 4d25a94) (details)
  2. fixes issues with tags not being added on the first try (commit: c69d19d) (details)
  3. Quick solution to get CORS running for the market place (commit: a500fc9) (details)
  4. Switch filter order to ensure that CORS is always included (commit: 37a5e02) (details)
  5. fix css buttons (#26) (commit: ddcab75) (details)
  6. fixes issue with PropertyMappings not beeing stored (#25) (commit: ec332fe) (details)
  7. Replace self-written by (commit: a9f3d1d) (details)
  8. Adds checking for the planbuilder service on the container API of the (commit: 580ff61) (details)
  9. Update frontend-maven-plugin from 1.0 to 1.3 (commit: 7a8374c) (details)
  10. Use Java8 features (commit: debe5a9) (details)
  11. Use Java8 features (commit: e29bfe3) (details)
  12. Lift Java from 1.7 to 1.8 (commit: cdadc66) (details)
  13. Fix .gitignore for rebel-remote.xml (commit: d33b97b) (details)
  14. fix policy export (#30) (commit: 7706226) (details)
  15. Make use of Objects.requireNonNull (commit: 6ca8f15) (details)
  16. Fix @link (commit: fef06da) (details)
  17. remove select2 (commit: 0fe334f) (details)
  18. remove select2 (commit: 1adca2a) (details)
  19. delete namespaces count of components in namespace (commit: 115948e) (details)
  20. styling (commit: ea85ab8) (details)
  21. paginate genericcomponent view     separate view for namespaces only, if (commit: f66baf5) (details)
  22. adds optional selection of infrastructure nodeType for (commit: 458359e) (details)
  23. switch bootstrap-spinedit to bootstrap-touchspin in (commit: 4420f6a) (details)
  24. Add data.json to CSAR (commit: 1220ba2) (details)
  25. add functionality to rename id/name and namespace attributes (commit: 032acf9) (details)
  26. add functionality to rename and persist id/name and namespace + add (commit: b39eabc) (details)
  27. Fix casing of static variable (commit: 77f55c5) (details)
  28. Rename logger to LOGGER and some minor comment fixes (commit: 7a11a8a) (details)
  29. Remove all white space at EOL (commit: 7884e1c) (details)
  30. Move Namespace constant to Namspaces class (commit: 3a7bb87) (details)
  31. Fix IntelliJ warning (commit: ed4fa47) (details)
  32. Inline variable (commit: d223dbc) (details)
  33. Fix CSS code style issues (commit: e434910) (details)
  34. Remove code style warning regarding "<T extends Object>" (commit: b6f6a70) (details)
  35. Remove redundant "public" for interface methods (commit: 12bf94b) (details)
  36. Optimize CSS (commit: adf53da) (details)
  37. Result of using IntelliJ code inspections (commit: 616b889) (details)
  38. Use Lambda expressions (commit: 4bd288b) (details)
  39. More inspection fixes (commit: 556f356) (details)
  40. Remove empty tags in JavaDoc (commit: a105258) (details)
  41. Remove paramter descriptions of non-existing parameters (commit: e714df7) (details)
  42. Fix parameters and links (commit: 2e009f8) (details)
  43. i -> it -- discovered by inspections (commit: 75d8086) (details)
  44. Fix some more Java code inspections (commit: 8b8ea82) (details)
  45. Java fixes (commit: 48e5378) (details)
  46. CSS fixes (commit: 8663454) (details)
  47. Fix some .properties files (commit: 6227095) (details)
  48. Fix dublicate id (commit: 43f07b2) (details)
  49. Fix duplicate Id (commit: 077f777) (details)
  50. Fix directory name (commit: 4e859df) (details)
  51. Fix ID refs (commit: efa713e) (details)
  52. Remove obsolete namespace declaration (commit: 20e9603) (details)
  53. Remove exception catching as the exception is not thrown any more (commit: 539044d) (details)
  54. Partially revert "Use Lambda expressions" because of (commit: 9f35d8f) (details)
  55. Fix "type" not appearing any more for adding NodeTypes (commit: 41ad2e3) (details)
  56. Fix selection of k/v properties (commit: 41c3b4a) (details)
  57. More LOGGER casing fixes (commit: da8647b) (details)
  58. Rename improvement: add edit button after name and namespace (commit: 628b22d) (details)
  59. Log if URI is invalid (commit: a1b3ac6) (details)
  60. In case no description is given, the export does not throw an exception (commit: 8a3fc9d) (details)
  61. Remove link to CloudCycle as there are more and more projects using (commit: 634dedf) (details)
  62. Fix to ensure that a data.xml always exists (commit: 5c1bbad) (details)
  63. data.xml and data.json are always generated if the service template is (commit: 3810164) (details)
  64. change coverage library add parameter for running tests (commit: 46b48ef) (details)
  65. Rename improvement: add edit button after name and namespace (commit: 85a85e9) (details)
  66. fix delete on servicetemplate overview (commit: f5fe9fa) (details)
  67. `csarName`, `version`, and `authors` are now contained in `data.xml` and (commit: 34ee5f8) (details)
  68. Fix conflicting produces for JSON at exported operation (commit: dfff781) (details)
  69. Winery is put as single author (commit: f95bef1) (details)
  70. Revert "Replace select2 with bootstrap3-typeahead" (commit: 53aae0e) (details)
  71. Update Jersey from 1.17 to 1.19.3 (commit: 3fd69ae) (details)
  72. Fix deprecation warning (commit: 6013abf) (details)
  73. Enfore `LF` line endings in the repository (commit: 1c8b922) (details)
  74. Fix newline separator (commit: 38a31a0) (details)
  75. Introduce ?grouped for list of all tosca component ids (commit: b5860cd) (details)
  76. Grouping works (commit: 84f6e8d) (details)
  77. Add LOGGER statement (commit: 0b24844) (details)
  78. Enable merge of topologies on server side (commit: 0186474) (details)
  79. Changed Git message in GitBasedRepository (commit: 76a9b3c) (details)
  80. Implemented comments for pull request (commit: 5bdf58f) (details)
  81. Improved message assignment (commit: baa7ca6) (details)
  82. changed imports (commit: 9069bf3) (details)
  83. Add YAML profile normative type definitions for test (commit: 3c6ab56) (details)
  84. Add the Eclipse Public License in the header (commit: 7ad75bf) (details)
  85. Fix codacy (commit: 929357e) (details)
  86. Fix header (commit: e8cb419) (details)
  87. Fix codacy (commit: 25d1063) (details)
  88. Simplify TagsResource (commit: 9c72883) (details)
  89. Refine method comment (commit: a152a94) (details)
  90. Fix label references (commit: d9acb24) (details)
  91. Add missing header (commit: 79e6757) (details)
  92. Artefact -> Artifact (commit: 04c193b) (details)
  93. Move topology JSON conversion to ModelUtilities (commit: d821dd5) (details)
  94. version and add a default URL for BPMN4TOSCA (commit: 8c3b742) (details)
  95. Fix filename (commit: 313f40a) (details)
  96. Added backend support for Git in Artifacts (commit: d1ec826) (details)
  97. Enable checkstyle (commit: 6d6598a) (details)
  98. Add spacing checkstyle rules (commit: 2868016) (details)
  99. Disable git-based repository (commit: 557d241) (details)
  100. Fixed style guide issue (commit: 48a1542) (details)
  101. reorganized imports (commit: c40af7d) (details)
  102. Add splitting functionality based on target labels (commit: 2c35949) (details)
  103. Fix javadoc (commit: 5542a27) (details)
  104. Remove restdoc-server-jersey to prepare switch to swagger (commit: 5e565ee) (details)
  105. Enable tests using resources by embedding Jetty (commit: 54c458f) (details)
  106. Remove removed RestDoc libraries from about.html and RestDoc from (commit: b78f349) (details)
  107. Fix warning in pom.xml and fix versions in about.html for Jetty (commit: a77e74b) (details)
  108. Reenable running on Tomcat (commit: 3542a0a) (details)
  109. remove skip tests (commit: ab64f0b) (details)
  110. Fix test (commit: 46a1c3c) (details)
  111. Be aware of definitions wrapper (commit: 05495bc) (details)
  112. Quick fix to get tests running (commit: 142cba1) (details)
  113. Add test for empty list of node type implementations (commit: c2228d5) (details)
  114. Add test for no image (commit: db0b6b5) (details)
  115. Initial support for JSON responses (commit: 7da2735) (details)
  116. NamespacesResource is instantiated for each call seperately (commit: 26ba9f4) (details)
  117. Add test for existing methods (and fix backend's response codes for (commit: 549ca5b) (details)
  118. Small improvements of the splitting functionality (#60) (commit: 3f5b557) (details)
  119. Improve the splitting functionality by avoiding the occurrence of (commit: eca99a9) (details)
  120. Improving code quality (commit: 2a26828) (details)
  121. Fixed minor issues for better code quality (commit: 747765d) (details)
  122. Add test for JSON and XML of TopologyTemplate (commit: 38de9f9) (details)
  123. Allow PUT of a topology template (commit: b7515dc) (details)
  124. Remove obsolete "null"s. (commit: 5534334) (details)
  125. Add test for farm topology template (commit: 202622b) (details)
  126. Solve minor issues (commit: df42e09) (details)
  127. Enable offline testing (commit: 3aa5d2a) (details)
  128. TRelationshipTemplates reference TNodeTemplates by an ID also in JSON (commit: abd773d) (details)
  129. Fix tests (commit: 479b6ae) (details)
  130. Organize imports (commit: 31f4967) (details)
  131. Readd replacement of select2 by Bootstrap-3-Typeahead (commit: 6956ee8) (details)
  132. Fix filename (commit: c075be8) (details)
  133. Improve comment (commit: 541f08d) (details)
  134. Testing in paralell to a running winery works (commit: 3893780) (details)
  135. Fix reading JSON of topology template (commit: 295ca6a) (details)
  136. Update Jackson from 2.2.2 to 2.8.6 (commit: be053b5) (details)
  137. Organize imports (commit: 4d71cfb) (details)
  138. remove select2 fix and various issues (commit: a7303b5) (details)
  139. fixes issue with XaaS Packager dialog sending undefined qnames when (commit: 778f6f2) (details)
  140. Fix Jackson versions (commit: 5d643cc) (details)
  141. Adding TOSCA Namespace Alias value (commit: c48bf1d) (details)
  142. Reorder documentation, move much into, generate (commit: 3bb1e8f) (details)
  143. Move content from to (commit: d39d67f) (details)
  144. Set version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT (commit: 3d0a334) (details)
  145. Remove writing of data.json in the CSAR export (commit: ef34f58) (details)
  146. Fix version numbers in sub packages (commit: e7e4a7f) (details)
  147. Fix dependency (commit: 408b3ad) (details)
  148. Remove Eclipse Winery from about.html files - a self-reference is not (commit: ccae60a) (details)
  149. Fix dependency (commit: 6479870) (details)
  150. Initial CSARExporter Test (commit: 84c1608) (details)
  151. Add RepositoryCorruptException (commit: b6efacf) (details)
  152. Replace TestToscaExporter by (commit: c47cf8c) (details)
  153. Introduce org.eclipse.winery.Logger (commit: c240bc2) (details)
  154. Log parameterized tests (commit: f9ec51d) (details)
  155. Change assert to IllegalStateException (commit: b5f1050) (details)
  156. Ignore CSARExporterTest - test repo is currently broken (commit: 1bf9464) (details)
  157. Add matching functionality (commit: 25451ff) (details)
  158. move getProperty from ModelUtilities to the TEntityTemplate to enable a (commit: 23cf3f0) (details)
  159. Add Angular frontend for the repository (commit: 6449f3c) (details)
  160. fix the check if node or relationship templates should be injected which (commit: 830621f) (details)
  161. Fix TEntityTemplate Properties (commit: 1b461db) (details)
  162. fix saving VisualAppearance in RelationshipTypes (commit: a255bae) (details)
  163. Switch to S3 build upload and change .war names (commit: 43782ff) (details)
  164. test: log only if validation fails, not for all (commit: c020027) (details)
  165. Fix 404 for colorwheel (commit: f9204a2) (details)
  166. Fix initialization of Winery and enhance documentation accordingly (commit: 2109742) (details)
  167. winery/ should remain the URL for Winery's API (commit: ad41c11) (details)
  168. Update colorwheel to 1.0.1 and pin raphael to 2.0.1 (commit: 7e651b9) (details)
  169. Set version number to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT to indicate the targeted release (commit: 8f426f2) (details)
  170. Enable mvn deploy to copy JARs to target/mvn-repo (commit: 570a0e5) (details)
  171. Begin: Separate REST-API and Repository (commit: f6896ea) (details)
  172. [WIP] Rearranging BackendUtils and Utils (commit: 0b775e9) (details)
  173. WIP move from BackendUtils to IGenericRepository (commit: ebac527) (details)
  174. Introduce IGenericRepository.getDefinitions(TOSCAComponentId) (commit: 79725f2) (details)
  175. Package adjustments, beginning to move IHasTypeReference (commit: f015b6c) (details)
  176. Remove org.eclipse.wienry.model.tosca.ObjectFactory --> builder will (commit: c5c543d) (details)
  177. Disable copy of tags from topology modeler (commit: 7fdf4ca) (details)
  178. Disable copy of tags from topology modeler (commit: 66dc63f) (details)
  179. Do not include InjectorReplaceData in JAXBsupport (commit: efe169f) (details)
  180. Refactoring: ModelUtilities to tosca.model (commit: 4af7815) (details)
  181. Introducing HasIdInIdOrNameField and HasName (commit: d0fa901) (details)
  182. Make use of HasType (commit: 9f62400) (details)
  183. Make us of moved method (commit: 46c9c12) (details)
  184. New method getElement at IGenericRepository (commit: e7b512f) (details)
  185. Enable getDefinitions() for WineryRepositoryClient (commit: ab5b794) (details)
  186. Compilefix (commit: ae6b57a) (details)
  187. Introduce NamespaceManager (commit: 1cb8d28) (details)
  188. Switch from TDefinitions to Definitions (commit: fb00bd8) (details)
  189. Streamline copyIdToFields implementation (commit: f00cbfc) (details)
  190. Merge IdNames into single class (commit: 95abb33) (details)
  191. Adapt Splitting to new architecture (commit: 061451d) (details)
  192. Make use of NamespaceManager (commit: e3eb2cc) (details)
  193. add backend support for source directory (commit: 6a9822d) (details)
  194. Revert "Disable copy of tags from topology modeler", because the (commit: 1992b6e) (details)
  195. Add comment (commit: 3ebcf85) (details)
  196. Fixed wrong output of "CSAR Export mode. Putting XSD into CSAR" if in (commit: ab4bf84) (details)
  197. Fix tests resulting of new API results (commit: c8a146c) (details)
  198. Streamlinging Util, Utils, BackendUtils (commit: 1056507) (details)
  199. Fix minor typos (commit: f4fe6c9) (details)
  200. Replace Repository.INSTANCE by RepositoryFactory.getRepository() (commit: f4c5bba) (details)
  201. Add DA Specification functionality to resolve abstract DAs by concrete (commit: d114b05) (details)
  202. Improve Environment and reduce Prefs from the REST repository (commit: 1f38b0b) (details)
  203. Compile fixes (commit: ee9c89d) (details)
  204. Add debug statement (commit: 74496cf) (details)
  205. Add method setElement to IGenericRepository (commit: c5f18a4) (details)
  206. Streamlining API: Get rid off Optional<Definitions> (commit: bf5c48b) (details)
  207. Adapt to new interfaces (commit: 701e3a2) (details)
  208. Move methods from Utils to BackendUtils (commit: 85e32fb) (details)
  209. Some compile fixes (commit: b1b6bba) (details)
  210. Use Version provided by Environment (commit: a0c2b59) (details)
  211. Introduce HasInheritance, fix synchronizeReferences, some compile fixes (commit: af4a765) (details)
  212. Create SelfServiceMetaDataUtils (commit: 0a1aae1) (details)
  213. Fix typo (commit: bb7d559) (details)
  214. Fix TOCCAExportUtil and CSARExporter (commit: 2323fa7) (details)
  215. Compile fixes (commit: fe79ea2) (details)
  216. WIP: introducing XsdImportManager (commit: 961e5c9) (details)
  217. Compile fixes (commit: 0bcad11) (details)
  218. First shot for XsdImportManager (commit: 2d3da80) (details)
  219. Fix splitting test (commit: b68543f) (details)
  220. Move TestWithGitBackedRepository to org.eclipse.winery.repository (commit: 4326735) (details)
  221. Compile fixes (commit: 2b06acb) (details)
  222. Get rid off xsdDefintionsApiData (commit: 7f19aa7) (details)
  223. Use RepositoryFactory instead of Repository.INSTANCE and minor fixes (commit: 80e3834) (details)
  224. Fix tests (commit: 159084f) (details)
  225. Fix all tests (commit: 3214b3d) (details)
  226. Fix checkstyle by reformatting code using ctrl+alt+l (commit: a32f8f5) (details)
  227. Set version to 3.5.1 for maven-compiler-plugin (commit: bade1eb) (details)
  228. Readd bower.json - required by topology modeler preview (commit: f2322c5) (details)
  229. Fix packaging of rest (commit: 1392aac) (details)
  230. Move tests to right test class (commit: 0ceead8) (details)
  231. Add classloader fallback and fix (commit: c18076d) (details)
  232. Move from .repository to (commit: 23f2707) (details)
  233. Use Path at FileBasedRepositoryConfiguration (commit: 7dcfdd3) (details)
  234. Offer getting IRepository for a given Path (commit: 0317540) (details)
  235. Make FilebasedRepository fully using java.nio.Path (commit: 379d848) (details)
  236. Update copyright year (commit: a2b92a1) (details)
  237. fix getXsdElementsList (commit: 929f11f) (details)
  238. fix PropertiesDefinition Types (commit: 21075c7) (details)
  239. Add CLI (commit: b0cc9f4) (details)
  240. Make path absolute (commit: 998b155) (details)
  241. Quick fix to enable -p at CLI work (commit: 2b229b7) (details)
  242. Use readable string at RepositoryCorruptException (commit: 6187dd6) (details)
  243. Use readable string at corruption (commit: 720b823) (details)
  244. Move DateUtils to org.eclipse.winery.repository (commit: aba95ed) (details)
  245. Fix repository upload by enabling overwrite of existing files (commit: 7ab8cd7) (details)
  246. Add test namespaceWithSpaceAtEndWorks (commit: 482e82a) (details)
  247. Add XML schema validation to checker (commit: c4412e5) (details)
  248. Add class GetType to be able to get the type class directly (commit: fc70ee6) (details)
  249. support for key/value properties (commit: dfdca1c) (details)
  250. Some null checks (commit: 9a9f7a4) (details)
  251. Fixed synchronization of attached files in the case of exporting an (commit: 72baf0b) (details)
  252. Add TOSCA YAML model - Add data model - Add reader, writer and validator (commit: 31bd94a) (details)
  253. Switch from Eclipse Public License v1.0 to v2.0 (commit: 7cbe4be) (details)
  254. Refactoring (commit: 60b91e8) (details)
  255. Fix checkstyle (commit: 721d944) (details)
  256. Use main.basedir instead of session.executionRootDirectory (commit: ecc23f5) (details)
  257. Rename CSARImporter to CsarImporter (commit: d5f0c7e) (details)
  258. Fix typo in comment (commit: c357bc9) (details)
  259. Generate fat jar for the repository lib and the client, too (commit: b1d8ce2) (details)
  260. Add filters to prevent signing issues with maven shade plugin (commit: 3ff0932) (details)
  261. Refine support for inheritance at ToscaExportUtil (commit: 285565b) (details)
  262. Really enable configuration "repository.git.autocommit" (commit: 94ea4d3) (details)
  263. Mvoe getReferenceCount to IGenericRepository (commit: ab9ffaf) (details)
  264. IA generator uploads to "source" instead of "files" (commit: 8d048fd) (details)
  265. Add two namespaces as default (commit: ecc5e40) (details)
  266. Fix checkstyle (commit: ee23ae3) (details)
  267. If <Plans> is empty at a service template, clear it (commit: e970bc8) (details)
  268. Add Git Log View to track/discard changes and create commits (commit: 476975c) (details)
  269. GitBasedRepository is also "magically" enabled if .git directory exists (commit: bdfe579) (details)
  270. Add test for getTypeForTemplate (commit: d423c23) (details)
  271. Fix initialization if no git-based repository configuration is present (commit: 1004e3f) (details)
  272. Respect auto commit also in the case of git repository initialization (commit: 99a7ab9) (details)
  273. add xaasPackager for angular ui (commit: 811d55d) (details)
  274. Fix CSARImporter and TOSCAComponentId names (commit: c86f578) (details)
  275. Add git LFS available indicator to git log view and increase jgit (commit: 0f4fed9) (details)
  276. Fix namespace mapper (commit: e0b41d6) (details)
  277. Fix MockXMLElement by explicitely adding namespace and name attributes. (commit: c7dbe2f) (details)
  278. Improve PrefixMapper by reusing more known prefixes (commit: 446e078) (details)
  279. Remove tosca: prefix also at tests (commit: b611c79) (details)
  280. Add possibillity to work with sub directories in artifact templates (commit: c90ec7f) (details)
  281. add auto format to PR-template (commit: e2b38f8) (details)
  282. Fix Csar export of artifact template files (commit: 0b5806b) (details)
  283. Fix checkstyle (commit: 45506be) (details)
  284. Add full feature to list of definitions children (commit: fde2356) (details)
  285. Add additional logback-test.xml to renable proper log levels in the case (commit: d573375) (details)
  286. Fix reference to artifact template (commit: 6b1494a) (details)
  287. implement namespace filtering and forbid spaces in namespace (commit: 57dd2ed) (details)
  288. Real support for k/v properties (commit: b121cf9) (details)
  289. Enable attaching src and javadoc. Initial version of the NOTICE file. (commit: 2080435) (details)
  290. Fix PUTting a topology template (commit: d63185f) (details)
  291. Files tab in Selfservice Portal (commit: 88d3b53) (details)
  292. Finally fix import regarding subdirectories (commit: 003b93c) (details)
  293. Add consistency-check to the UI (commit: 5b1e8c7) (details)
  294. update guava to 23.4-jre (commit: b3ba4e1) (details)
  295. Added support of pattern detection & visualizing of detected patterns in (commit: 628b299) (details)
  296. Fix checkstyle (commit: e8186cb) (details)
  297. Update dependencies:  - enforce commons-lang 2.6 in velocity  - (commit: 4c8876d) (details)
  298. enforce longpaths in the repository (commit: 281a62d) (details)
  299. Initial Compliance Checking Implementation (commit: 4c3ec5e) (details)
  300. Update copyright headers (commit: c33d9dc) (details)
  301. Update copyright heades 2012-2013 (and fix some other headers) (commit: b4b5aa8) (details)
  302. Update copyrights 2012-2017 (commit: 84a41f3) (details)
  303. Update copyright 2013-2017 (commit: 564d4a0) (details)
  304. Updating some 2017 copyrights (commit: 176aa4c) (details)
  305. Update 2017 copyright headers (commit: 2642551) (details)
  306. Update copyright 2017 headers also in test files (commit: 28a8658) (details)
  307. Reformat all code (excluding Apache velocity templates and jquery-ui.js) (commit: 25a3273) (details)
  308. Fix copyright header for pattern detection (commit: ed21bfb) (details)
  309. compose service templates and resolve a single service template (#224) (commit: 4e711e4) (details)
  310. Fix exporting of inherited DefinitionsChildren (commit: 72c78db) (details)
  311. Fix export of policyTemplates (commit: 3ce7ed8) (details)
  312. Fix export of inheritance (commit: 8a524ca) (details)
  313. Improve naming of methods of ConsistencyCheckerProgressListener (commit: dc9c23a) (details)
  314. Switch to me.tongfei.progressbar as output for percentage (commit: b936b7f) (details)
  315. Fix method name (commit: 4f28fde) (details)
  316. Refine output in the case of corrupt ZIP file (commit: 02d99e8) (details)
  317. Refine exception output and try to close streams better (commit: df0e30f) (details)
  318. Fix Name, Id, and Target Namespace for the created Service Templates (commit: a483c29) (details)
  319. Prepare publishing of winery.common including JavaDoc (commit: 0474376) (details)
  320. Remove persistance of generated namespace prefix to avoid conflicts at (commit: f7ddaf7) (details)
  321. Exchange deprecated methods (commit: a702f07) (details)
  322. Rename "ComplianceRule" to "ComplianceRuleId" (commit: 8e987dd) (details)
  323. Revert "Remove persistance of generated namespace prefix to avoid (commit: 3196838) (details)
  324. add support to version Tosca Definitions (commit: be2287f) (details)
  325. Enforce Java8 and do not enforce specific maven-compiler-plugin version (commit: 19ee92e) (details)
  326. Fix typos (commit: b00f380) (details)
  327. Use constant at SelfServiceMetaDataId (commit: 9f5ac6a) (details)
  328. Add parameter comments (commit: 632e849) (details)
  329. Make components without winery versions editable (and small other (commit: 6405865) (details)
  330. fix calculation of Diffs (commit: 4cf3dda) (details)
  331. Fix changing unversioned definitions (commit: 58ce1dd) (details)
  332. UI Enhancements (#239) (commit: 8d36d2e) (details)
  333. Add Objects.requireNonNull to check for invalid parameters (commit: 6772317) (details)
  334. Fix typo in method name (commit: e03f066) (details)
  335. A get at the NamespaceManager does not persist the result anymore (commit: b532a50) (details)
  336. Add handling of NULL namespace (commit: c5ff12e) (details)
  337. Special namespace prefix ending for winery property definitions: pd (commit: ed86a34) (details)
  338. Fix codacy (commit: cc49aa2) (details)
  339. Reduces the visibility of methods at ConsistencyChecker (commit: 07c5046) (details)
  340. enhance maven structure (commit: 39c8919) (details)
  341. Adress comments (commit: a2846f4) (details)
  342. Better handling of prefixes regarding properties (commit: 705e5ae) (details)
  343. Rename ConsistencyErrorLogger to ConsistencyErrorCollector (commit: ecfa9e8) (details)
  344. replace junit4 with junit5 in the repository (commit: 8211d79) (details)
  345. update dependencies (commit: 73bd3aa) (details)
  346. Add REST test for nodetypes/allvisualappearancedata (commit: 7695a65) (details)
  347. optional minus in version identifier (commit: 7767ac3) (details)
  348. Fix logging (#261) (commit: 96a3893) (details)
  349. Fix import of ArtifactTemplate files to /ns/id/files/ns/id/... (commit: 83b6fee) (details)
  350. Make ConsistencyChecker a stateful class (commit: 95bdf7c) (details)
  351. Add getErrorCollector() to ConsistencyCheck (commit: f28e166) (details)
Changes in dependency
  1. org.eclipse.winery.model.csar.toscametafile Success#4Success#126 (detail)
  2. org.eclipse.winery.model.tosca Success#4Success#126 (detail)
  3. Winery Success#4Failed#20 (detail)
  4. org.eclipse.winery.model.selfservice Success#4Success#126 (detail)
  5. org.eclipse.winery.common Success#125Success#126 (detail)
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