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  1. Begin: Separate REST-API and Repository (commit: f6896ea) (details)
  2. [WIP] Rearranging BackendUtils and Utils (commit: 0b775e9) (details)
  3. Introduce IGenericRepository.getDefinitions(TOSCAComponentId) (commit: 79725f2) (details)
  4. Package adjustments, beginning to move IHasTypeReference (commit: f015b6c) (details)
  5. WIP: HasType to model (commit: c61a06d) (details)
  6. Refactoring: ModelUtilities to tosca.model (commit: 4af7815) (details)
  7. Introducing HasIdInIdOrNameField and HasName (commit: d0fa901) (details)
  8. Fix imports (commit: 02213e4) (details)
  9. Make us of moved method (commit: 46c9c12) (details)
  10. Enable getDefinitions() for WineryRepositoryClient (commit: ab5b794) (details)
  11. Compilefix (commit: ae6b57a) (details)
  12. Introduce NamespaceManager (commit: 1cb8d28) (details)
  13. Switch from TDefinitions to Definitions (commit: fb00bd8) (details)
  14. Streamline copyIdToFields implementation (commit: f00cbfc) (details)
  15. compilefix (commit: 0aa6264) (details)
  16. Compile fixes (commit: 063eda8) (details)
  17. Streamlinging Util, Utils, BackendUtils (commit: 1056507) (details)
  18. Prepare separate configurations for each type (commit: f1e15f3) (details)
  19. Replace Repository.INSTANCE by RepositoryFactory.getRepository() (commit: f4c5bba) (details)
  20. Improve Environment and reduce Prefs from the REST repository (commit: 1f38b0b) (details)
  21. Compile fixes (commit: ee9c89d) (details)
  22. Remove obsolete methods (commit: a7fcc7f) (details)
  23. Streamlining API: Get rid off Optional<Definitions> (commit: bf5c48b) (details)
  24. Move methods from Utils to BackendUtils (commit: 85e32fb) (details)
  25. Some compile fixes (commit: b1b6bba) (details)
  26. Rename Utils to RestUtils (commit: 3b915a6) (details)
  27. Fix ref to MediaType (commit: d606fbd) (details)
  28. Fix persisting of SelfServicePortalResource (commit: 49f2ba9) (details)
  29. Introduce HasInheritance, fix synchronizeReferences, some compile fixes (commit: af4a765) (details)
  30. Create SelfServiceMetaDataUtils (commit: 0a1aae1) (details)
  31. Compile fixes (commit: fe79ea2) (details)
  32. WIP: introducing XsdImportManager (commit: 961e5c9) (details)
  33. Compile fixes (commit: 0bcad11) (details)
  34. First shot for XsdImportManager (commit: 2d3da80) (details)
  35. Fix splitting test (commit: b68543f) (details)
  36. Move TestWithGitBackedRepository to org.eclipse.winery.repository (commit: 4326735) (details)
  37. Compile fixes (commit: 2b06acb) (details)
  38. More compile fixes (commit: d916860) (details)
  39. Compile fix (commit: eab7962) (details)
  40. Clean up result for getJSON() at FilesResource (commit: e30f890) (details)
  41. Get rid off xsdDefintionsApiData (commit: 7f19aa7) (details)
  42. Use RepositoryFactory instead of Repository.INSTANCE and minor fixes (commit: 80e3834) (details)
  43. Compile fixes (commit: 5badb9d) (details)
  44. Fix tests (commit: 159084f) (details)
  45. Fix all tests (commit: 3214b3d) (details)
  46. Fix checkstyle by reformatting code using ctrl+alt+l (commit: a32f8f5) (details)
  47. Set version to 3.5.1 for maven-compiler-plugin (commit: bade1eb) (details)
  48. Readd bower.json - required by topology modeler preview (commit: f2322c5) (details)
  49. Readd and adapt WEB-INF directory for REST resources (commit: efbe91e) (details)
  50. Move tests to right test class (commit: 0ceead8) (details)
  51. Move from .repository to (commit: 23f2707) (details)
  52. Remove loading of at rest module (commit: 53a0af2) (details)
  53. Fix package of resources (commit: 48da96f) (details)
  54. Add missing (commit: 039d3a3) (details)
  55. Make FilebasedRepository fully using java.nio.Path (commit: 379d848) (details)
  56. Readd JSPs for topology template preview (commit: 1dc73cc) (details)
  57. Readd and adapt required JSPs for topology preview (commit: 9c51796) (details)
  58. Fix IA generation (commit: 5eb1c54) (details)
  59. replace restdoc by swagger (commit: 74a737d) (details)
  60. Refine log message and add comment on Resource (commit: 551d10b) (details)
  61. Fix dependency ordering (commit: 4a2e7a2) (details)
  62. fix XML and CSAR links in InstanceHeader (commit: c8c8e7d) (details)
  63. Multiple fixes: - travis deploy only if access keys are present - add (commit: 8872c3b) (details)
  64. Add dependency to jsery-client 1.19.3 (commit: 2d5f58c) (details)
  65. Add CLI (commit: b0cc9f4) (details)
  66. Add test getServiceTemplateWithProperties() (commit: a417ead) (details)
  67. Make JSON test more relaxed when the ordering in lists is different (commit: d9c1c3d) (details)
  68. Enable CSAR export test for the baobab node type (commit: 924b4b1) (details)
  69. Move DateUtils to org.eclipse.winery.repository (commit: aba95ed) (details)
  70. Fix URLs in topology modeler (commit: 395c938) (details)
  71. x and y are stored in node template (commit: 547c1e4) (details)
  72. Force refs at property mappings JSON (commit: 5dc5454) (details)
  73. Added Rename componente for ToscaComponents in the instanceHeader (commit: 25ffa6d) (details)
  74. Enable saving of XML even if it is NOT schema conforming (commit: 76715f5) (details)
  75. Add XML schema validation to checker (commit: c4412e5) (details)
  76. Fix checkstyle (commit: 7301319) (details)
  77. support for key/value properties (commit: dfdca1c) (details)
  78. Fixed synchronization of attached files in the case of exporting an (commit: 72baf0b) (details)
  79. Revert to "old" JSON serialization (commit: ab8995d) (details)
  80. Links in about.html to EPL are pointing to about_files/LICENSE-EPL.txt (commit: 2b9a241) (details)
  81. Switch from Eclipse Public License v1.0 to v2.0 (commit: 7cbe4be) (details)
  82. Refactoring (commit: 60b91e8) (details)
  83. Fix checkstyle (commit: 721d944) (details)
  84. Fix checkstyle (commit: 8dcbf73) (details)
  85. Add repository.git.autocommit to (commit: 2f708b6) (details)
  86. Rename CSARImporter to CsarImporter (commit: d5f0c7e) (details)
  87. Add artifactTemplates source editor (commit: 41d7541) (details)
  88. Fix link (commit: 65ce195) (details)
  89. Remove @inheritDoc and add TODO (commit: fedd491) (details)
  90. First test for linked files (commit: 8858766) (details)
  91. Fix typo (commit: e8680b0) (details)
  92. Mvoe getReferenceCount to IGenericRepository (commit: ab9ffaf) (details)
  93. IA generator uploads to "source" instead of "files" (commit: 8d048fd) (details)
  94. Include new namespace prefixes (commit: 9c42306) (details)
  95. implements get templates of type for artifact- and policy types (commit: 7a32d08) (details)
  96. Add test that IA generation also generates NodeType (commit: 89303ec) (details)
  97. Move getTypeForTemplate to IWineryRepositoryCommon (commit: 2fe473a) (details)
  98. Add Git Log View to track/discard changes and create commits (commit: 476975c) (details)
  99. Fix checkstyle (commit: e458648) (details)
  100. Add return of XML of properties in case they are XML (commit: 3651a56) (details)
  101. Fix NamespaceResourceTest (commit: 9e2fc7e) (details)
  102. fix properties definition sends qname (commit: dfabe1c) (details)
  103. Fix style in wineryGitLog and set default to collapsed (commit: 40ac287) (details)
  104. add xaasPackager for angular ui (commit: 811d55d) (details)
  105. Add support for GETting defined things of XSD (commit: 71ed4f1) (details)
  106. Add zip functionality for files directory (commit: ba11c91) (details)
  107. Add support for XsdImports (commit: 54a9bc3) (details)
  108. Fix style in policy template properties (commit: 2494927) (details)
  109. Add license component and reamdme component for each tosca component (commit: 8e58ae3) (details)
  110. Add git LFS available indicator to git log view and increase jgit (commit: 0f4fed9) (details)
  111. Fix git-lfs decetion on linux and ignore git-lfs test (commit: 507072c) (details)
  112. Improve PrefixMapper by reusing more known prefixes (commit: 446e078) (details)
  113. Remove tosca: prefix also at tests (commit: b611c79) (details)
  114. Enable generation of /winery/swagger.json (commit: fc7a7a8) (details)
  115. Remove obsolete resources and move ParametersResource to plans (commit: 858cd75) (details)
  116. Group API descriptions and enable documentation of entity collections (commit: 917b7ba) (details)
  117. implement editing of properties as xml (commit: da237fa) (details)
  118. Fix adding Property Mappings Fix style in ServiceTemplates and (commit: 6dbb1b2) (details)
  119. Fix Inheritance Implementation (commit: 70348d0) (details)
  120. Add possibillity to work with sub directories in artifact templates (commit: c90ec7f) (details)
  121. add option to overwrite existing content in importCSAR dialog (commit: f107222) (details)
  122. add test for files and sources (commit: e22ad58) (details)
  123. add auto format to PR-template (commit: e2b38f8) (details)
  124. Add backend support and tests for copying all artifact sources to files (commit: 5d03cb1) (details)
  125. Replace String[] by List<String> (commit: 64ec76c) (details)
  126. Add TOSCA YAML to TOSCA XML Converter - Integrate converter into ui and (commit: 7e4b437) (details)
  127. Fix Csar export of artifact template files (commit: 0b5806b) (details)
  128. Move all support classes to _support (commit: 6879f02) (details)
  129. Use existing method in RestUtils (commit: 7051e7a) (details)
  130. Delete unused code (commit: 8f509dc) (details)
  131. Fix checkstyle (commit: 45506be) (details)
  132. Add test for JSON of NodeType (commit: b5578b1) (details)
  133. Add full feature to list of definitions children (commit: fde2356) (details)
  134. Add test for json of (commit: 2c76f74) (details)
  135. AbstractComponentsResource: Full is only written when ?full is specified (commit: 94e2ea7) (details)
  136. implement namespace filtering and forbid spaces in namespace (commit: 57dd2ed) (details)
  137. Remove dpendency to common in the repository Rplace (commit: f1413db) (details)
  138. Enable winery REST and UI to be started in WineryUsingHttpServer (commit: b1f6e70) (details)
  139. Enable Winery being served using embedded jetty (commit: 7f1f157) (details)
  140. Real support for k/v properties (commit: b121cf9) (details)
  141. Fix checkstyle (commit: 4492afa) (details)
  142. Fix cyclic dependency (commit: c629fe1) (details)
  143. Result of reformat (commit: 051d35b) (details)
  144. Enable war and jar in (commit: a73ef26) (details)
  145. Enable fat jar for rest.server (commit: ccc10b5) (details)
  146. Merve .rest.rerver into .rest (commit: 3b629da) (details)
  147. Enable java -jar (commit: d8eb5b9) (details)
  148. Removing the "1" from the namespace and hoping for the best. (commit: 7b71617) (details)
  149. Try harder to serve repository.ui (commit: ec4aace) (details)
  150. Ignore test which sometimes failes (commit: 5f36218) (details)
  151. Add version to (commit: a245e7e) (details)
  152. Harmonize pom.xmls (commit: 135c931) (details)
  153. Move WineryUsingHttpServer to separate project (commit: bb519c5) (details)
  154. Fix artifactId (commit: 50aad57) (details)
  155. Add comment (commit: 3d8143b) (details)
  156. Make available as peer dependency to (commit: c724ba9) (details)
  157. Revert addig project (commit: 05a9800) (details)
  158. Enable attaching src and javadoc. Initial version of the NOTICE file. (commit: 2080435) (details)
  159. Refine output when accessing the REST API using html (commit: 923ae48) (details)
  160. Implemented new Tests for Repository Types based on the Test Repository. (commit: 73e87cc) (details)
  161. Reenable support for REST interface at IntelliJ (commit: 7ac3a0a) (details)
  162. Fix PUTting a topology template (commit: d63185f) (details)
  163. Fix correct properties also in test for ServiceTemplates (commit: 42181a7) (details)
  164. Files tab in Selfservice Portal (commit: 88d3b53) (details)
  165. Add `Update copyright header` section to ToolChain (commit: a446ecc) (details)
  166. Add consistency-check to the UI (commit: 5b1e8c7) (details)
  167. Refactor YAML parser exceptions and minor fixes - Throw exception up to (commit: fca3377) (details)
  168. add subtypes while in inheritance (commit: 4c8bfc7) (details)
  169. Change swagger dependency version to 1.5.17 (commit: 9322807) (details)
  170. Remove jcabi depdencency and replacy org.eclipse.winery.Logger by slf4j (commit: 3d7e168) (details)
  171. Update dependencies:  - enforce commons-lang 2.6 in velocity  - (commit: 4c8876d) (details)
  172. Added visual appearances (commit: be8a8d8) (details)
  173. Remove comment (commit: 7f3db30) (details)
  174. Use modern method "URI.create()" (commit: 8d72152) (details)
  175. Initial Compliance Checking Implementation (commit: 4c3ec5e) (details)
  176. Add YAML as text and button CSAR (YAML) (commit: 10f8c7f) (details)
  177. Update copyright heades 2012-2013 (and fix some other headers) (commit: b4b5aa8) (details)
  178. Update copyrights 2012-2017 (commit: 84a41f3) (details)
  179. Update copyright 2015-2017 (commit: be79060) (details)
  180. Update copyright 2013-2017 (commit: 564d4a0) (details)
  181. Update copyright in *.md (commit: 4c36753) (details)
  182. Update some more copyright headers (commit: d368d7b) (details)
  183. Update more headers (commit: cc9e032) (details)
  184. Update copyright headers: 2012-2014 (commit: 0e68a9d) (details)
  185. Updating some 2017 copyrights (commit: 176aa4c) (details)
  186. Update 2017 copyright headers (commit: 2642551) (details)
  187. Update copyright 2017 headers also in test files (commit: 28a8658) (details)
  188. Update more copyright headers (commit: 6c521f8) (details)
  189. Reformat all code (excluding Apache velocity templates and jquery-ui.js) (commit: 25a3273) (details)
  190. Revert code format which removed xmlns declarations (commit: edc1299) (details)
  191. Remove @inhertitDoc (commit: d7fd663) (details)
  192. compose service templates and resolve a single service template (#224) (commit: 4e711e4) (details)
  193. Improve naming of methods of ConsistencyCheckerProgressListener (commit: dc9c23a) (details)
  194. Fix method name (commit: 4f28fde) (details)
  195. FIX redirect Get on resource with html to the repositoryUIURL (commit: d1f0525) (details)
  196. Fix checkstyle (commit: ae6cb21) (details)
  197. Fix integration of "Compliance Checking" (commit: 0ba12b6) (details)
  198. Remove rendering mode of topology - dead code (commit: 916c75f) (details)
  199. Remove dependency to org.eclipse.winery.repository.client from (commit: 62d9ec3) (details)
  200. Initial version of the Angular based topologymodeler (commit: f303ed4) (details)
  201. add support to version Tosca Definitions (commit: be2287f) (details)
  202. Refactor Http to HttpClient (commit: ab7ce19) (details)
  203. Remove duplicate pom entry (commit: 43ea63d) (details)
  204. Set compliance module version to inherit from parent (commit: 1f73e86) (details)
  205. Enforce Java8 and do not enforce specific maven-compiler-plugin version (commit: 19ee92e) (details)
  206. Keep Jersey dependencies together (commit: ecade48) (details)
  207. Add dependency on jersey-core (commit: 703e8a9) (details)
  208. Reorder winery dependencies (commit: 25bbae4) (details)
  209. Exclude duplicate jersey (commit: ea7ce77) (details)
  210. Fix base link in the Topology Modeler (commit: fca80a2) (details)
  211. Make components without winery versions editable (and small other (commit: 6405865) (details)
  212. fix LFS available/not available message (commit: 9c6b152) (details)
  213. A get at the NamespaceManager does not persist the result anymore (commit: b532a50) (details)
  214. Do not persist border color when GETting it (commit: 4378175) (details)
  215. Adapt test to new namespace prefix generation (commit: 3e9f12d) (details)
  216. enhance maven structure (commit: 39c8919) (details)
  217. Better handling of prefixes regarding properties (commit: 705e5ae) (details)
  218. Rename ConsistencyErrorLogger to ConsistencyErrorCollector (commit: ecfa9e8) (details)
  219. update dependencies (commit: 73bd3aa) (details)
  220. Add REST test for nodetypes/allvisualappearancedata (commit: 7695a65) (details)
  221. optional minus in version identifier (commit: 7767ac3) (details)
  222. update dependencies and libraries license checks (commit: 6a7122c) (details)
  223. update dependencies and lib overview (commit: 7a84e17) (details)
  224. Fix logging (#261) (commit: 96a3893) (details)
  225. Add getErrorCollector() to ConsistencyCheck (commit: f28e166) (details)
  226. Add test reproducing the empty elements (commit: f61636c) (details)
Changes in dependency
  1. org.eclipse.winery.generators.ia Success#124Success#126 (detail)
  2. org.eclipse.winery.model.csar.toscametafile Success#124Success#126 (detail)
  3. org.eclipse.winery.model.tosca Success#124Success#126 (detail)
  4. org.eclipse.winery.repository.configuration Success#124Success#126 (detail)
  5. org.eclipse.winery.common Success#124Success#126 (detail)
  6. org.eclipse.winery.model.tosca.yaml Success#124Success#126 (detail)
  7. org.eclipse.winery.repository Success#124Success#126 (detail)
  8. org.eclipse.winery.model.selfservice Success#124Success#126 (detail)
  9. org.eclipse.winery.yaml.common Success#124Success#126 (detail)
  10. org.eclipse.winery.compliance Unstable#124Success#126 (detail)
  11. org.eclipse.winery.yaml.converter Success#124Success#126 (detail)
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