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  1. Update all minimum Java version from 1.7 to 1.8 (commit: 8c2cbc2) (details)
  2. Lift Java from 1.7 to 1.8 (commit: cdadc66) (details)
  3. delete namespaces count of components in namespace (commit: 115948e) (details)
  4. add functionality to rename and persist id/name and namespace + add (commit: b39eabc) (details)
  5. Rename logger to LOGGER and some minor comment fixes (commit: 7a11a8a) (details)
  6. Remove all white space at EOL (commit: 7884e1c) (details)
  7. Fix reference to LOGGER variable (commit: 74a3e86) (details)
  8. change coverage library add parameter for running tests (commit: 46b48ef) (details)
  9. Update Jersey from 1.17 to 1.19.3 (commit: 3fd69ae) (details)
  10. Skeletton for importing (commit: 0a77150) (details)
  11. Support TServiceTemplate collection being returned when querying for (commit: 5d5e635) (details)
  12. Disable remote tests (commit: 073e5be) (details)
  13. Enable checkstyle (commit: 6d6598a) (details)
  14. remove skip tests (commit: ab64f0b) (details)
  15. Update Jackson from 2.2.2 to 2.8.6 (commit: be053b5) (details)
  16. Pin all Jackson libraries to 2.8.6 (commit: ffb2c8d) (details)
  17. Fix Jackson versions (commit: 5d643cc) (details)
  18. Set version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT (commit: 3d0a334) (details)
  19. Fix version numbers in sub packages (commit: e7e4a7f) (details)
  20. Fix dependency (commit: 64da78e) (details)
  21. Remove Eclipse Winery from about.html files - a self-reference is not (commit: ccae60a) (details)
  22. Add Angular frontend for the repository (commit: 6449f3c) (details)
  23. Set version number to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT to indicate the targeted release (commit: 8f426f2) (details)
  24. Enable mvn deploy to copy JARs to target/mvn-repo (commit: 570a0e5) (details)
  25. Refactoring: ModelUtilities to tosca.model (commit: 4af7815) (details)
  26. Enable getDefinitions() for WineryRepositoryClient (commit: ab5b794) (details)
  27. Switch from TDefinitions to Definitions (commit: fb00bd8) (details)
  28. TDefinitions -> Definitions (commit: 5830455) (details)
  29. Streamlinging Util, Utils, BackendUtils (commit: 1056507) (details)
  30. Adapt to new interface (commit: fcfb322) (details)
  31. Set version to 3.5.1 for maven-compiler-plugin (commit: bade1eb) (details)
  32. Also publish the repository client; name: winery-repository-client.jar (commit: 39407ca) (details)
  33. Switch from Eclipse Public License v1.0 to v2.0 (commit: 7cbe4be) (details)
  34. Refactoring (commit: 60b91e8) (details)
  35. Use main.basedir instead of session.executionRootDirectory (commit: ecc23f5) (details)
  36. Generate fat jar for the repository lib and the client, too (commit: b1d8ce2) (details)
  37. Add filters to prevent signing issues with maven shade plugin (commit: 3ff0932) (details)
  38. Remove @inheritDoc and add TODO (commit: fedd491) (details)
  39. add auto format to PR-template (commit: e2b38f8) (details)
  40. Change element type 'tBoundaryDefinitions': add processContents="lax" (commit: e69cd37) (details)
  41. Remove obsolete methods (commit: a443ebf) (details)
  42. Real support for k/v properties (commit: b121cf9) (details)
  43. Enable attaching src and javadoc. Initial version of the NOTICE file. (commit: 2080435) (details)
  44. Update dependencies:  - enforce commons-lang 2.6 in velocity  - (commit: 4c8876d) (details)
  45. Add modification statement and remove double TOSCA-v1.0.xsd (commit: 22e53b1) (details)
  46. ake "Types" in "<Definitions>" valid as the only nested element in (commit: 93046e6) (details)
  47. Update copyright heades 2012-2013 (and fix some other headers) (commit: b4b5aa8) (details)
  48. Update some more copyright headers (commit: d368d7b) (details)
  49. Update 2017 copyright headers (commit: 2642551) (details)
  50. Reformat all code (excluding Apache velocity templates and jquery-ui.js) (commit: 25a3273) (details)
  51. Add missing implementation (commit: 9ba45c3) (details)
  52. add support to version Tosca Definitions (commit: be2287f) (details)
  53. Enforce Java8 and do not enforce specific maven-compiler-plugin version (commit: 19ee92e) (details)
  54. enhance maven structure (commit: 39c8919) (details)
  55. Fix logging (#261) (commit: 96a3893) (details)
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  2. org.eclipse.winery.common Success#125Success#126 (detail)
  3. Winery Success#4Failed#20 (detail)
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