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  1. Update all minimum Java version from 1.7 to 1.8 (commit: 8c2cbc2) (details)
  2. Lift Java from 1.7 to 1.8 (commit: cdadc66) (details)
  3. Replace automatic class generation by checking in the generated files. (commit: 5b308c7) (details)
  4. Offer getNodeTemplates and getRelationshipTemplates at TTopologyTemplate (commit: e47a42d) (details)
  5. Allow PUT of a topology template (commit: b7515dc) (details)
  6. Add initial for model.tosca repository (commit: bd41a01) (details)
  7. Add support for getting a single node template and relationship template (commit: 75f3a82) (details)
  8. TRelationshipTemplates reference TNodeTemplates by an ID also in JSON (commit: abd773d) (details)
  9. Go back to IP-approved version at jackson-annotations (commit: 36c1273) (details)
  10. Fix reading JSON of topology template (commit: 295ca6a) (details)
  11. Fix position of @JsonIdentifyInfo (commit: 4963031) (details)
  12. Force RelationshipSourceOrTarget to be abstract (commit: 0d58b60) (details)
  13. Update Jackson from 2.2.2 to 2.8.6 (commit: be053b5) (details)
  14. Fix reading and writing of topology templates (commit: 95af739) (details)
  15. Fix Jackson versions (commit: 5d643cc) (details)
  16. Set version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT (commit: 3d0a334) (details)
  17. move getProperty from ModelUtilities to the TEntityTemplate to enable a (commit: 23cf3f0) (details)
  18. Add Angular frontend for the repository (commit: 6449f3c) (details)
  19. Fix TEntityTemplate Properties (commit: 1b461db) (details)
  20. Set version number to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT to indicate the targeted release (commit: 8f426f2) (details)
  21. Enable mvn deploy to copy JARs to target/mvn-repo (commit: 570a0e5) (details)
  22. Introduce IGenericRepository.getDefinitions(TOSCAComponentId) (commit: 79725f2) (details)
  23. Package adjustments, beginning to move IHasTypeReference (commit: f015b6c) (details)
  24. WIP: HasType to model (commit: c61a06d) (details)
  25. Remove org.eclipse.wienry.model.tosca.ObjectFactory --> builder will (commit: c5c543d) (details)
  26. Extend TOSCA model classes - Add builder classes to TOSCA model - Add (commit: e1443f8) (details)
  27. Refactoring: ModelUtilities to tosca.model (commit: 4af7815) (details)
  28. Introducing HasIdInIdOrNameField and HasName (commit: d0fa901) (details)
  29. Make use of HasId (commit: 5622c9e) (details)
  30. Make use of HasName (commit: 9c309f7) (details)
  31. Introduce TEntityTypeImplementation (commit: 990af72) (details)
  32. Add missing implements HasType, HasName (commit: ef978d8) (details)
  33. Add missing getters and setters (commit: 40eea3e) (details)
  34. Enable getDefinitions() for WineryRepositoryClient (commit: ab5b794) (details)
  35. Streamline copyIdToFields implementation (commit: f00cbfc) (details)
  36. add backend support for source directory (commit: 6a9822d) (details)
  37. Add method setElement to IGenericRepository (commit: c5f18a4) (details)
  38. Move methods from Utils to BackendUtils (commit: 85e32fb) (details)
  39. Introduce HasInheritance, fix synchronizeReferences, some compile fixes (commit: af4a765) (details)
  40. Fix tests (commit: 159084f) (details)
  41. Fix all tests (commit: 3214b3d) (details)
  42. Fix checkstyle by reformatting code using ctrl+alt+l (commit: a32f8f5) (details)
  43. Set version to 3.5.1 for maven-compiler-plugin (commit: bade1eb) (details)
  44. Multiple fixes: - travis deploy only if access keys are present - add (commit: 8872c3b) (details)
  45. x and y are stored in node template (commit: 547c1e4) (details)
  46. Force refs at property mappings JSON (commit: 5dc5454) (details)
  47. Remove license files in sub directories (commit: 91c0d53) (details)
  48. Switch from Eclipse Public License v1.0 to v2.0 (commit: 7cbe4be) (details)
  49. Use main.basedir instead of session.executionRootDirectory (commit: ecc23f5) (details)
  50. IA generator uploads to "source" instead of "files" (commit: 8d048fd) (details)
  51. If <Plans> is empty at a service template, clear it (commit: e970bc8) (details)
  52. Move getWinerysPropertiesDefinition() from ModelUtilities to TEntityType (commit: 429dffb) (details)
  53. Validate XML properties according to XML Schema (commit: e31efa8) (details)
  54. Fix Inheritance Implementation (commit: 70348d0) (details)
  55. Change element type 'tBoundaryDefinitions': add processContents="lax" (commit: e69cd37) (details)
  56. Add TOSCA YAML to TOSCA XML Converter - Integrate converter into ui and (commit: 7e4b437) (details)
  57. implement namespace filtering and forbid spaces in namespace (commit: 57dd2ed) (details)
  58. Real support for k/v properties (commit: b121cf9) (details)
  59. Fix checkstyle (commit: 4492afa) (details)
  60. Harmonize pom.xmls (commit: 135c931) (details)
  61. Enable attaching src and javadoc. Initial version of the NOTICE file. (commit: 2080435) (details)
  62. Fix PUTting a topology template (commit: d63185f) (details)
  63. Add missing QName fix (commit: b87a8b5) (details)
  64. Add consistency-check to the UI (commit: 5b1e8c7) (details)
  65. Update dependencies:  - enforce commons-lang 2.6 in velocity  - (commit: 4c8876d) (details)
  66. Initial Compliance Checking Implementation (commit: 4c3ec5e) (details)
  67. Some copyright header updates (commit: 397f9c9) (details)
  68. Update copyright headers (commit: c33d9dc) (details)
  69. Add modification statement and remove double TOSCA-v1.0.xsd (commit: 22e53b1) (details)
  70. Remove auto-generated comments from TDefinitions (commit: c040594) (details)
  71. Add/update copyright header to most recent format (commit: 9a6b2d2) (details)
  72. Update copyrights 2012-2017 (commit: 84a41f3) (details)
  73. Update copyright 2013-2017 (commit: 564d4a0) (details)
  74. Update copyright in *.md (commit: 4c36753) (details)
  75. Updating some 2017 copyrights (commit: 176aa4c) (details)
  76. Update more copyright headers (commit: 6c521f8) (details)
  77. Reformat all code (excluding Apache velocity templates and jquery-ui.js) (commit: 25a3273) (details)
  78. compose service templates and resolve a single service template (#224) (commit: 4e711e4) (details)
  79. Prepare publishing of winery.common including JavaDoc (commit: 0474376) (details)
  80. Fix checkstyle (commit: ae6cb21) (details)
  81. add support to version Tosca Definitions (commit: be2287f) (details)
  82. Enforce Java8 and do not enforce specific maven-compiler-plugin version (commit: 19ee92e) (details)
  83. A get at the NamespaceManager does not persist the result anymore (commit: b532a50) (details)
  84. enhance maven structure (commit: 39c8919) (details)
  85. Remove unnessary comments (commit: 324311e) (details)
  86. Enable @Nullable annotations (commit: ac6b92f) (details)
  87. Better handling of prefixes regarding properties (commit: 705e5ae) (details)
  88. Add accept methods to XML model and initial Visitor (commit: ca33315) (details)
  89. Fix TRequiementRef (commit: 3a02608) (details)
  90. Fix checkstyle (commit: 3ccfdd4) (details)
  91. fix chechstyle issues (commit: 8d66d79) (details)
  92. Allow null in getTopologyTemplate (commit: 477f994) (details)