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  1. Add TOSCA YAML model - Add data model - Add reader, writer and validator (commit: 31bd94a) (details)
  2. Enable distribution also for model.tosca.yaml (commit: 366c1c3) (details)
  3. Add TOSCA YAML to TOSCA XML Converter - Integrate converter into ui and (commit: 7e4b437) (details)
  4. Harmonize pom.xmls (commit: 135c931) (details)
  5. Enable attaching src and javadoc. Initial version of the NOTICE file. (commit: 2080435) (details)
  6. Fix minor YAML parser bugs (commit: d90c599) (details)
  7. Update YAML converter - Fix issue #186 - Support normal and extended (commit: 8579851) (details)
  8. Update tests, copyright headers and fix bugs - Update tests from junit4 (commit: 83cd13a) (details)
  9. Refactor YAML parser exceptions and minor fixes - Throw exception up to (commit: fca3377) (details)
  10. Visit artifacts before interfaces in yaml visitor (commit: d687bbb) (details)
  11. Fix issue 201 - Separate TParameterDefinition from TPropertyDefinition (commit: 836935f) (details)
  12. Fix mvn test for junit5 (commit: aa0e17e) (details)
  13. Update copyright in *.md (commit: 4c36753) (details)
  14. Reformat all code (excluding Apache velocity templates and jquery-ui.js) (commit: 25a3273) (details)
  15. Enforce Java8 and do not enforce specific maven-compiler-plugin version (commit: 19ee92e) (details)
  16. enhance maven structure (commit: 39c8919) (details)
  17. Some more @Nullable annotation (commit: 4635e74) (details)
  18. Add toString method to TOSCA YAML model classes (commit: 538efe1) (details)