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  1. Refactoring of the Topology Modeler as NPM package. (commit: 150de19) (details)
  2. initial substitution implementation (commit: bbce61e) (details)
  3. Feature Pattern Refinement (#367) (commit: 7fb91d0) (details)
  4. Update Accountability with Immutable File Storage (commit: f5c2add) (details)
  5. Fix Very Long CSAR Export Times (commit: 0d9e530) (details)
  6. fix write to outputstream (commit: 071266a) (details)
  7. add support to respect annotated patterns at node templates (commit: d6bfd8c) (details)
  8. Test Refinement Models to generate Mimic-Tests (#387) (commit: 6eefea0) (details)
  9. Fixes (#392) (commit: a76c5d0) (details)
  10. Add feature to upload a state for a nodetemplate (#393) (commit: ad63626) (details)
  11. Solution Selection and Adaptation (#391) (commit: 87d46cc) (details)
  12. Add implementation for management enrichment (#405) (commit: 25856f2) (details)
  13. Add configuration managment backend. (commit: 32a376f) (details)
  14. implementation version update management for topology modeler. (commit: f228143) (details)
  15. Add support for multiple repositories (commit: b9e838a) (details)
  16. Export to EDMM (#418) (commit: 610ec67) (details)
  17. Feature Behavioral Patterns (#420) (commit: 24340c3) (details)
  18. Frontend integration of multiple repositories (commit: 9e1079c) (details)
  19. Initial Commit (commit: 972a682) (details)
  20. fix test cases (commit: fd47d58) (details)
  21. Minor fixes (#421) (commit: 03b4d85) (details)
  22. fix/repository root for multi-repository (commit: 82e8fc7) (details)
  23. fix icons of Node Types (commit: 0b1b15b) (details)
  24. Rewrite of implementation (commit: 5825a90) (details)
  25. Added Relationship Artifact Templates (commit: 5f5984a) (details)
  26. minor bug fixes (commit: c9342d2) (details)
  27. minor changes in yaml based repository (commit: 7d9f3a8) (details)
  28. update jgit (commit: c7fd271) (details)
  29. fixed node type implementations constructor (commit: 116a5e0) (details)
  30. Co-authored-by: Benjamin Weder <> (commit: 77ea46f) (details)
  31. minor changes (commit: 982965a) (details)
  32. Enable FileBasedRepository imports through CsarImporter (#425) (commit: cd74b3d) (details)
  33. dirty hack, have a better idea ? (commit: 50f56ca) (details)
  34. Never gonna run around and desert you (commit: 766188d) (details)
  35. Herping the fucking derp right here and now. (commit: eda23fb) (details)
  36. bug fixes (commit: 1846eea) (details)
  37. Change configuration structure. (commit: 1f82ef8) (details)
  38. Ignore properties assignment part in Y2XConverter (commit: d056bb7) (details)
  39. Stop creating new Repository for reading Definitions (commit: c5e56f2) (details)
  40. Fix handling of ArtifactTypes (commit: bffe93c) (details)
  41. Update (commit: 393e5a7) (details)
  42. add support for required and default value for properties defini… (#153) (commit: 4193b6d) (details)
  43. Fix conversion of coordinates for Node Templates (#154) (commit: aa0a31c) (details)
  44. Fix/cannot open some yaml types (#155) (commit: 8363c3f) (details)
  45. Extend git-based repos to delegate calls (commit: b1cde33) (details)
  46. Fix typo (commit: 2a6f3aa) (details)
  47. Fix to use proper repository in unit-tests (commit: d43616c) (details)
  48. Add config to specify repository type (yaml or xml) (commit: 74cf683) (details)
  49. Rename (commit: 1fad0b5) (details)
  50. Stop removing artifact-local references during import (commit: f8a9c22) (details)
  51. fix test cases (commit: 27ad8c9) (details)
  52. Modify tests to be run only with an XML-based repository (commit: 746cc41) (details)
  53. fix checkstyle errors (commit: 4b0fecc) (details)
  54. Simplify namespaces handling for yaml-based repository (commit: 275cc1c) (details)
  55. Serialize Node Type's full name (with namespace) (commit: 5a43760) (details)
  56. Fix empty imports serialization (commit: 35c336e) (details)
  57. Omit empty substitution mappings serialization (commit: 06b0320) (details)
  58. Fix JGit clone repository (commit: 60b9fd4) (details)
  59. Close open streams. (commit: 2cb0c74) (details)
  60. User can disable versioning (#157) (commit: d57b2f0) (details)
  61. Improve Travis build by introducing Maven profiles (commit: bf4b2a7) (details)
  62. Project/radon adds description to properties (#158) (commit: cde3847) (details)
  63. Fixing QNames serialization (commit: a9aa5ec) (details)
  64. Support YAML requirement definitions (commit: 3497398) (details)
  65. Add the Ability to Model YAML-based Requirement Definitions (#162) (commit: c2b7b0e) (details)
  66. Make YAML Reader NOT A SINGLETON!! (commit: 664f398) (details)
  67. Fix how RequirementAssignments and CapabilityAssignments are handled (commit: 0b9fec6) (details)
  68. Find capability types of capability assignments during Y2X conversion (commit: 75a5428) (details)
  69. Fix relationship serialization (commit: e79ae8f) (details)
  70. Add null checks and type safety (commit: f4724f8) (details)
  71. Restructuring of repositories (#165) (commit: 433a0fc) (details)
  72. Fix to load definition from repository (commit: 5814692) (details)
  73. generalizing valid source types (commit: 5db6488) (details)
  74. Fix Policy X<->Y Conversion and Serialization (commit: d9cee05) (details)
  75. Handle service template-wide yaml policies in TM (commit: cdb7ab4) (details)
  76. Basic yaml policy operations and properties supported (commit: babf511) (details)
  77. Support TOSCA YAML Constraints (#167) (commit: b844db1) (details)
  78. Feature: valid source types (TOSCA YAML) (#166) (commit: 456a598) (details)
  79. Fix Bugs (commit: cfbfbf1) (details)
  80. Merge Accountability Configuration into Common Configuration. (commit: facda9b) (details)
  81. Bump TOSCA YAML version to 1.3 (commit: 479b6eb) (details)
  82. Fix resolving of relationship endpoints (commit: 6884f4e) (details)
  83. Fix conversion of node and relationship templates (commit: 616c3aa) (details)
  84. Do not set imports (commit: 7825981) (details)
  85. Fix build (commit: 079ef12) (details)
  86. Add flag to indicate serialization of imports (commit: e682f1a) (details)
  87. Delete deprecated modules, relocate moved converter package (commit: 23d343a) (details)
  88. Support YAML Deployment Artifacts for Node Templates (#174) (commit: 26ea1d1) (details)
  89. Bootstrapping things (commit: 7ce31a1) (details)
  90. Serialize name to metadata, hide max/min instance settings (commit: 4db2391) (details)
  91. Add support to retrieve input/output from YAML template (commit: 919938c) (details)
  92. Adjust imports and formatting (commit: 7caede8) (details)
  93. Fix unit test (commit: d3aff60) (details)
  94. Finalize feature to add input/output parameter definitions (commit: e44257c) (details)
  95. Add ability to retrieve the type ancestry of types and type implementations. (commit: da78f7a) (details)
  96. Add feature to define attributes on node types (commit: f9de592) (details)
  97. Clean up after merge (commit: d748c0f) (details)
  98. Fix checkstyle issue (commit: 8ed3fd4) (details)
  99. Fixing Checkstyle. (commit: 52c726b) (details)
  100. Add initial YAML export version (commit: cfc4d95) (details)
  101. Comment out ReqsCaps Type traversal for Node Templates (commit: 02dac1d) (details)
  102. Skip ReqsCaps traversal for Node Templates in yaml mode (commit: d2c911a) (details)
  103. Make export of imports compliant to the spec (commit: a111671) (details)
  104. Fix import statements handling (commit: f8455e2) (details)
  105. Add export of referenced artifact types (commit: f19b7cc) (details)
  106. Add artifact files export (commit: 4f089bd) (details)
  107. Fix interface definitions on node types (commit: e1ac68d) (details)
  108. Artifacts on NodeTypes (YAML) (#177) (commit: 3a9cf72) (details)
  109. Fix defaults (commit: f3043f2) (details)
  110. Update file paths in exported artifacts (commit: b6e1618) (details)
  111. Add initial Interface Type export (commit: bb4f33f) (details)
  112. Add minor changes to TInterfaceType processing (commit: 4d56aac) (details)
  113. Fix export of Interface Type (commit: 60b6944) (details)
  114. Add export of RelationshipTypes specified in Requirement Definitions (commit: 2391ed0) (details)
  115. Add export for artifacts of Node Types (commit: aeda903) (details)
  116. Add minor fixes (commit: 412d43c) (details)
  117. Fix repository casting (commit: 2c697ca) (details)
  118. Auto-format all changed files (commit: 6b558b7) (details)
  119. Add repository type check for YAMLDefinitionsBasedCsarEntry (commit: c9ea2d6) (details)
  120. Adapter order of fields (commit: d02d572) (details)
  121. Fix export of artifacts from Node Templates (commit: fef1d5d) (details)
  122. Fix configuration (commit: 5668772) (details)
  123. Fix Checkstyle (commit: 624be5d) (details)
  124. Fix configuration objects initialization and update (commit: 5636565) (details)
  125. Fix Tests (commit: 4c77efb) (details)
  126. Fix ConsistencyCheckerTest (commit: ac3d133) (details)
  127. YAML: serialize description and quote metadata (#184) (commit: eae2d61) (details)
  128. Fix typo (commit: 5039d9a) (details)
  129. Use short notation for relationship assignments (#185) (commit: b83ea28) (details)
  130. TOSCA Light prototypical implementation (#471) (commit: 4775593) (details)
  131. Ignore normative types in csar export (#186) (commit: fc48947) (details)
  132. Fix namespaces file and yaml check in multi-repo setup (#170) (commit: 026fca5) (details)
  133. Use correct type name in yaml file (#187) (commit: 8de9556) (details)
  134. Add policy types export (commit: 6f3b5c2) (details)
  135. Remove redundant comment (commit: df41ee2) (details)
  136. Add yaml mode check (commit: 33a757f) (details)
  137. Add endpoint to retrieve TOSCA Light models (#477) (commit: 37af581) (details)
  138. Adjustments to YAML CSAR exports (#188) (commit: 69f57d5) (details)
  139. Use short notation in requirement definition (#189) (commit: 87e89fd) (details)
  140. Fix (de)serialization of abstract/final values (commit: 01e863f) (details)
  141. Print also empty properties (commit: f61841e) (details)
  142. Rearrange YAML output (commit: dac55a8) (details)
  143. Serialize YAML values depending on determined type (#191) (commit: 8ab297b) (details)
  144. Add checks for targetNamespace value (#192) (commit: 084ff26) (details)
  145. Serialize "null" strings as null value (commit: 154a5e8) (details)
  146. Deactivate "setKeysToDisplayName" adjustment on export for now (commit: 7c6ceab) (details)
  147. Serialize policy definitions as maps (not list of maps) (commit: f8ca04b) (details)
  148. Minor change (commit: 76c6056) (details)
  149. Add InterfaceDefinitions for relationshiptypes (commit: e14dedc) (details)
  150. Update conversion method for RelationshipTypes. (commit: 322e8f5) (details)
  151. Add feature to export a CSAR to filesystem (commit: 6e232cd) (details)
  152. Java 11 Support (#479) (commit: 9c81031) (details)
  153. Fix unit tests (commit: 14c103e) (details)
  154. Minor changes (commit: d02f00a) (details)
  155. Fix build (commit: ff2b299) (details)