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  1. Stop creating repositories left and right and instead inject it (commit: d734f7b) (details)
  2. Copyright update for modified files (commit: 6ae80f7) (details)
  3. Remove Definitions in canonical model. (commit: 7512a63) (details)
  4. Pull allEntities deserialization from winery component into backend service (commit: bbd6214) (details)
  5. Support complex properties on the backend level (commit: e1be07e) (details)
  6. Create model-mapper for XML<->Canonical conversion (commit: 8cd8774) (details)
  7. Extract edmm/toscalight into a separate satellite module (commit: 87558a3) (details)
  8. Rewrite Properties to simplify handling for XML model (commit: b8e7f58) (details)
  9. Stop incorrect conversions between null, "null", and "" for properties (commit: 74563ae) (details)
  10. Fix serialization and deserialization issues (commit: 3429238) (details)
  11. Fix various bugs in the transformation between xml and canonical model (commit: 064b25f) (details)
  12. Move RefinementModels and kvproperties to separate extensions package (commit: ba95a45) (details)
  13. Add XML Roundtrip test accessing the test-repository (commit: b6ef382) (details)
  14. Fix various issues around model transformations and persistence (commit: 5bf2489) (details)
  15. Add support for keySchema and entrySchema in properties definitions for YAML (commit: a134b11) (details)
  16. Implement saving functionality for editing (commit: 296a66b) (details)
  17. Fix XML Serialization for Properties of TEntityTemplates (commit: b642428) (details)
  18. Remove XML-Roundtrip when obtaining TDefinitionWithCorrectImports (commit: 64ec8ec) (details)
  19. Run Linter and fix issues (commit: b5b82e7) (details)
  20. Reinstate conversion code for Winery-Specific extensions of TOSCA and replace XMLDefinitionsBasedCsarEntry (commit: 5d611d4) (details)
  21. Correct nullable state of EntityTemplate's Type and reinstate nullchecking in ConsistencyChecker (commit: 2c7c854) (details)
  22. Actually request empty prefix for TOSCA_NAMESPACE instead of "don't care" (commit: 5cf408e) (details)
  23. Extract ComplianceRuleChecker Tests into separate class (commit: adddbcb) (details)
  24. Fix serialization of Properties (commit: 9940e5a) (details)
  25. Purge all References to Types without JAXB-visible namespace URI declaration (commit: 8d436d0) (details)
  26. Fix linting issues (commit: 9ba8eee) (details)
  27. Remove PropertyDefinitions as wrapping class for List to restore serialization compatibility for WineryPropertiesDefinition (commit: 2e2a736) (details)
  28. Acknowledge DataTypes are a referencable DefinitionsChild for export (commit: 18f3cbb) (details)
  29. Fix traversal of Requirements for Import determination (commit: cf33f6d) (details)
  30. Remove incorrect restriction to FILE repositories for crawling referenced definitions (commit: 76768d8) (details)
  31. Fix more unit tests (commit: ed5cd50) (details)
  32. Fix checkstyle (commit: 9581bfb) (details)
  33. Fix unit PropertiesDefinition serialization (commit: 7bdd239) (details)
  34. Fix PatternRefinementModel tests (commit: 11afc88) (details)
  35. Fix final tests and checkstyle-suppressions (commit: 557b1fa) (details)
  36. Fix Inheritance Resource handling for DataTypes and JSON deserialization for Properties (commit: c7b241d) (details)
  37. Fix losing inputs and outputs when saving topology (commit: 1b92c8c) (details)
  38. Add unit tests for property function serialization (commit: e5a9283) (details)
  39. Add test for property function deserialization (commit: 5603063) (details)
  40. Add initialization logic for Yaml Properties definitions in InheritanceUtils (commit: e6481cb) (details)
  41. Fix export of referenced DataTypes for RelationshipType definitions (commit: 6dbef8c) (details)
  42. Add null check since the type of a req is always empty in YAML mode (commit: 058e425) (details)
  43. Remove MediaType import (commit: e8c7b25) (details)
  44. Add default values for optional properties on EntityTemplate creation and prevent writing of empty properties (commit: 9fa9343) (details)
  45. Fix unit test (commit: 79870d4) (details)
  46. more adaptations to the new model (commit: babace9) (details)
  47. fix set type of relation mapping (commit: 09274d1) (details)
  48. Fix various bugs issues (#207) (commit: c4f7454) (details)
  49. Minor fix (commit: f7e3e7d) (details)
  50. Fix class cast exception (commit: 3034427) (details)
  51. Hotfixes (#208) (commit: 3acfc1a) (details)
  52. Reduce log-noise (commit: a14b3f9) (details)
  53. Using Apache HttpClient to download referenced files (commit: f3bc31c) (details)
  54. Fix Topologymodeler startup in XML mode (#209) (commit: 5a8915d) (details)
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