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Success Build #62 (Sep 8, 2020, 5:04:57 AM)

  1. initial data model and ui (commit: 7f38110) (details)
  2. fix license headers (commit: 56924f8) (details)
  3. fix undefined relation mappings (commit: 653570b) (details)
  4. require DA mapping in applicability check (commit: d5c8990) (details)
  5. fix NotSerializableException (commit: 86d897c) (details)
  6. model extension (commit: 6e6a9a0) (details)
  7. remove permutation options if pattern sets can be identified (commit: 04ffef5) (details)
  8. first shot for implementing checkPermutability (commit: 84d4627) (details)
  9. add first (failing) test (commit: 68099fb) (details)
  10. first test (commit: 7614480) (details)
  11. Filtering of Features based on the used Deployment Technology (commit: c9a29d3) (details)
  12. add documentation (commit: 5c392ee) (details)
  13. fix existing tests (commit: d0c03af) (details)
  14. update detector and refinement node naming (commit: 18f684e) (details)
  15. add more tests (commit: ec16a66) (details)
  16. initial generation impl (commit: 4933167) (details)
  17. add test cases (commit: be47056) (details)
  18. fix double relations in permutations (commit: b558525) (details)
  19. Model optimizations (commit: ce195f5) (details)
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