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  1. initial substitution implementation (commit: bbce61e) (details)
  2. Feature Pattern Refinement (#367) (commit: 7fb91d0) (details)
  3. add support to respect annotated patterns at node templates (commit: d6bfd8c) (details)
  4. Test Refinement Models to generate Mimic-Tests (#387) (commit: 6eefea0) (details)
  5. Add feature to upload a state for a nodetemplate (#393) (commit: ad63626) (details)
  6. Solution Selection and Adaptation (#391) (commit: 87d46cc) (details)
  7. Annotate Stateful Components (#398) (commit: e260268) (details)
  8. Minor fixes (#402) (commit: f90543a) (details)
  9. Add implementation for management enrichment (#405) (commit: 25856f2) (details)
  10. ignore features and generated namespaces in the available versions list (commit: 35d7057) (details)
  11. Feature Behavioral Patterns (#420) (commit: 24340c3) (details)
  12. Initial Commit (commit: 972a682) (details)
  13. Rewrite of implementation (commit: 5825a90) (details)
  14. fixed node type implementations constructor (commit: 116a5e0) (details)
  15. Co-authored-by: Benjamin Weder <> (commit: 77ea46f) (details)
  16. add support for required and default value for properties defini… (#153) (commit: 4193b6d) (details)
  17. Fix conversion of coordinates for Node Templates (#154) (commit: aa0a31c) (details)
  18. Add config to specify repository type (yaml or xml) (commit: 74cf683) (details)
  19. fix yaml tests (commit: fcc1e7b) (details)
  20. fix properties Test (commit: b6cbddd) (details)
  21. Improve Travis build by introducing Maven profiles (commit: bf4b2a7) (details)
  22. Project/radon adds description to properties (#158) (commit: cde3847) (details)
  23. Add valid_source_types to capability types (commit: 1a27cd9) (details)
  24. Fixing QNames serialization (commit: a9aa5ec) (details)
  25. fix checkstyle (commit: 20c512d) (details)
  26. Support YAML requirement definitions (commit: 3497398) (details)
  27. Add the Ability to Model YAML-based Requirement Definitions (#162) (commit: c2b7b0e) (details)
  28. Fix how RequirementAssignments and CapabilityAssignments are handled (commit: 0b9fec6) (details)
  29. Fix relationship serialization (commit: e79ae8f) (details)
  30. Restructuring of repositories (#165) (commit: 433a0fc) (details)
  31. generalizing valid source types (commit: 5db6488) (details)
  32. Fix Policy X<->Y Conversion and Serialization (commit: d9cee05) (details)
  33. Support TOSCA YAML Constraints (#167) (commit: b844db1) (details)
  34. Feature: valid source types (TOSCA YAML) (#166) (commit: 456a598) (details)
  35. Fix Bugs (commit: cfbfbf1) (details)
  36. Fixes (commit: 6af2e8c) (details)
  37. Merge Accountability Configuration into Common Configuration. (commit: facda9b) (details)
  38. Bump TOSCA YAML version to 1.3 (commit: 479b6eb) (details)
  39. Fix resolving of relationship endpoints (commit: 6884f4e) (details)
  40. Use YAML 1.2 version (commit: 65e16ed) (details)
  41. Revert change (commit: 5d808b8) (details)
  42. Support YAML Deployment Artifacts for Node Templates (#174) (commit: 26ea1d1) (details)
  43. Bootstrapping things (commit: 7ce31a1) (details)
  44. Add support to retrieve input/output from YAML template (commit: 919938c) (details)
  45. Fix unit test (commit: d3aff60) (details)
  46. Add feature to define attributes on node types (commit: f9de592) (details)
  47. Fix interface definitions on node types (commit: e1ac68d) (details)
  48. Artifacts on NodeTypes (YAML) (#177) (commit: 3a9cf72) (details)
  49. Add initial Interface Type export (commit: bb4f33f) (details)
  50. Add minor changes to TInterfaceType processing (commit: 4d56aac) (details)
  51. Fix export of Interface Type (commit: 60b6944) (details)
  52. Add minor fixes (commit: 412d43c) (details)
  53. Auto-format all changed files (commit: 6b558b7) (details)
  54. Fix (de)serialization of abstract/final values (commit: 01e863f) (details)
  55. Serialize policy definitions as maps (not list of maps) (commit: f8ca04b) (details)
  56. Add InterfaceDefinitions for relationshiptypes (commit: e14dedc) (details)
  57. Update conversion method for RelationshipTypes. (commit: 322e8f5) (details)
  58. Java 11 Support (#479) (commit: 9c81031) (details)
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