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Success Build #67 (Sep 15, 2020, 9:05:08 AM)

  1. Create hierarchical submodule for tosca models (commit: c2926d1) (details)
  2. Stop creating repositories left and right and instead inject it (commit: d734f7b) (details)
  3. Stop incorrect conversions between null, "null", and "" for properties (commit: 74563ae) (details)
  4. Fix serialization and deserialization issues (commit: 3429238) (details)
  5. Add support for keySchema and entrySchema in properties definitions for YAML (commit: a134b11) (details)
  6. Minor todos (commit: a1dcc77) (details)
  7. Extract ComplianceRuleChecker Tests into separate class (commit: adddbcb) (details)
  8. Fix unit PropertiesDefinition serialization (commit: 7bdd239) (details)
  9. Do value-bodging for Property Definition default values (commit: 494e0d5) (details)
  10. Minor fix (commit: f7e3e7d) (details)