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Success Build #67 (Sep 15, 2020, 9:05:08 AM)

  1. Create hierarchical submodule for tosca models (commit: c2926d1) (details)
  2. Push xml-model into an xml subpackage to avoid naming collisions with canonical model (commit: 2664108) (details)
  3. Pull the Id system from winery.common into the canonical model (commit: 97e4cf5) (details)
  4. Remove JSON serialization information from XML model (commit: 14c43f5) (details)
  5. Stop creating repositories left and right and instead inject it (commit: d734f7b) (details)
  6. Create model-mapper for XML<->Canonical conversion (commit: 8cd8774) (details)
  7. Extract edmm/toscalight into a separate satellite module (commit: 87558a3) (details)
  8. Rewrite Properties to simplify handling for XML model (commit: b8e7f58) (details)
  9. Fix various bugs in the transformation between xml and canonical model (commit: 064b25f) (details)
  10. Move RefinementModels and kvproperties to separate extensions package (commit: ba95a45) (details)
  11. Add XML Roundtrip test accessing the test-repository (commit: b6ef382) (details)
  12. Fix various issues around model transformations and persistence (commit: 5bf2489) (details)
  13. Run Linter and fix issues (commit: b5b82e7) (details)
  14. Fix compilation issues introduced by rebase and restructuring of TOSCA extensions (commit: cd37d77) (details)
  15. Duplicate extensions to xml model and remove YAML classes from XML model (commit: ff02b2e) (details)
  16. Add namespace declaration to extracted extensions package (commit: e341671) (details)
  17. Extract ComplianceRuleChecker Tests into separate class (commit: adddbcb) (details)
  18. Include JAXB-RI in xml model dependencies (commit: 4946a6a) (details)
  19. Fix more unit tests (commit: 7a5a93d) (details)
  20. Fix various bugs and expectations, mostly around serialization (commit: b9aa50a) (details)
  21. Fix more unit tests (commit: ed5cd50) (details)
  22. Fix unit PropertiesDefinition serialization (commit: 7bdd239) (details)
  23. Fix PatternRefinementModel tests (commit: 11afc88) (details)
  24. Fix incorrect refactoring to ComplianceRuleMatcher (commit: d362ed9) (details)
  25. fix new modeling elements to be manageable in the UI (commit: 6634088) (details)
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