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Success Build #67 (Sep 15, 2020, 9:05:08 AM)

  1. Extract edmm/toscalight into a separate satellite module (commit: 87558a3) (details)
  2. Rewrite Properties to simplify handling for XML model (commit: b8e7f58) (details)
  3. Fix various bugs in the transformation between xml and canonical model (commit: 064b25f) (details)
  4. Move RefinementModels and kvproperties to separate extensions package (commit: ba95a45) (details)
  5. Purge all References to Types without JAXB-visible namespace URI declaration (commit: 8d436d0) (details)
  6. Remove PropertyDefinitions as wrapping class for List to restore serialization compatibility for WineryPropertiesDefinition (commit: 2e2a736) (details)
  7. Only execute TOSCA Light checker for non-YAML repos (commit: ee3069b) (details)
  8. Update EDMM dependency (commit: 4a6ee9e) (details)
  9. Revert EDMM dependency (commit: 8057dd7) (details)
  10. New EDMM dependency should work (commit: e3e0096) (details)
  11. Add 'www.' to URL (commit: 0b96b41) (details)