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Not built Build #4 (Apr 28, 2020 2:44:53 AM)

  1. initial substitution implementation (commit: bbce61e) (details)
  2. add support to respect annotated patterns at node templates (commit: d6bfd8c) (details)
  3. Add configuration managment backend. (commit: 32a376f) (details)
  4. update JGraphT (commit: 48433de) (details)
  5. fix adding of edges (commit: 23a9c13) (details)
  6. Change configuration structure. (commit: 1f82ef8) (details)
  7. Add config to specify repository type (yaml or xml) (commit: 74cf683) (details)
  8. Restructuring of repositories (#165) (commit: 433a0fc) (details)
  9. Fix Tests (commit: 4c77efb) (details)
  10. Java 11 Support (#479) (commit: 9c81031) (details)