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Success Build #67 (Sep 15, 2020, 9:05:08 AM)

  1. Copy xml model as preliminary canonical model (commit: a91ddc8) (details)
  2. Pull the Id system from winery.common into the canonical model (commit: 97e4cf5) (details)
  3. Copyright update for modified files (commit: 6ae80f7) (details)
  4. Extract edmm/toscalight into a separate satellite module (commit: 87558a3) (details)
  5. Fix Inheritance Resource handling for DataTypes and JSON deserialization for Properties (commit: c7b241d) (details)
  6. Fix various bugs issues (#207) (commit: c4f7454) (details)
  7. Add 'www.' to URL (commit: 0b96b41) (details)
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