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Build org.eclipse.winery.model.tosca.xml (Aug 2, 2021, 10:39:53 AM)

  1. remove AppliesTo (commit: 1031eee) (details)
  2. fix empty AppliesTo tags (commit: 98804b6) (details)
  3. fix checkstyle (commit: b29e706) (details)
  4. refactor requirement definitions and requirements (commit: f12993f) (details)
  5. refactor capability definitions and capabilities (commit: 924daa9) (details)
  6. refactor InstanceStates (commit: 4a16d36) (details)
  7. refactor interfaces (commit: 8aa9206) (details)
  8. remove XTArtifacts (commit: 28a5705) (details)
  9. refactor DAs and IAs (commit: 9eb2f70) (details)
  10. fix da XML Element (commit: cc43c25) (details)
  11. fix test cases (commit: 900ac42) (details)
  12. refactor elements in Boundary Definitions (commit: e53dd1e) (details)
  13. refactor elements in Boundary Definitions (commit: e40fc62) (details)
  14. refactor Plans and Parameters (commit: 4c237f4) (details)
  15. refactor TConditions (commit: 3fb3314) (details)
  16. refactor the rest (commit: 5a5962d) (details)
  17. fix test cases (commit: 272c608) (details)
  18. minor code improvements (commit: 1af3553) (details)
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