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last build before switch to tycho 1.2
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intermittent test failure? or problem caused by upstream?

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2019-10-21_14-21-25ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2019-01-03_08-34-02ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-07-11_16-30-57ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-07-09_13-13-15ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-06-26_14-30-38ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-06-26_14-28-25RenamedInfoView as XML  (RAW)
2018-06-26_14-26-03ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-05-31_11-55-56ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-05-31_09-53-56ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-05-31_09-51-43ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-05-28_15-37-15ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-03-28_15-54-44ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-03-08_13-35-37ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-03-06_13-06-12ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-03-06_13-01-31ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-03-06_12-03-11ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-03-01_15-10-15ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-03-01_15-08-23ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-03-01_14-46-18ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-28_10-14-53ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-23_14-05-22ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-23_10-41-46ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-21_09-46-17ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-21_08-11-20ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-21_07-59-35ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-21_07-51-55ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-16_22-48-59ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-15_11-08-16ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-15_11-06-51ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-15_11-06-07ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-15_09-53-57ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-15_09-45-24ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-15_09-36-30ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-15_09-18-39ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-15_09-18-24ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-14_14-40-46ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-14_10-30-26ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-09_14-16-10ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-09_13-58-48ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-08_21-02-43ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-06_15-44-00ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-06_10-31-40ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-06_09-27-52ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-06_06-56-36ChangedView as XML  (RAW)
2018-02-06_06-56-35ChangedView as XML  (RAW)