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Project WTP-Smoke-Test-Email

DEPRECATED. We are no longer sending smoke test emails.

This project is currently disabled
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Build Parameters

String Parameterstream = "3.14.0"
String ParameterBUILDDATE = "20190221042828"
String ParameterversionSuffix = "M3"
Boolean ParameterbuildRenamed = true If checked, look for the build in: /shared/webtools/committers/wtp-R${stream}-I/${BUILDDATE}/S-${stream}.${versionSuffix}-${BUILDDATE}; if not, look in: /shared/webtools/committers/wtp-R${stream}-I/${BUILDDATE}/I-${stream}-${BUILDDATE}
String ParameterGOLIVEDATE = "2019-02-26"
String ParameterTOrecipients = ""
String ParameterCCrecipients = ""
String ParameterrecipientOverride = "" use your own email address here for testing, before sending to list