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Project WTP-R3_9_x_Maintenance

[WTP 3.9.x Maintenance Build **Oxygen.3**] [Build version: 3.9.6] [git branch: R3_9_maintenance]

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NOTE: This job does not collect JUnit test results.

Requires: Maven 3.5.2 and Ant 1.10.1

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repository-3.8.0-v201401291603.zip206.25 MBview
repositoryunittests-3.8.0-v201401291603.zip58.29 MBview
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Build Parameters

String ParameterCHERRY_PICKS = "" space-sparated list of repo+gerrit/rev #s to cherry pick (because we're often behind on gerrit reviews) eg., for use "webtools-common/webtools.common+117456/1"
String ParameterwtpVersion = "3.9.6"

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