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dali4x.tests-3.6.0-v201601131911.zip5.66 MBview
jst4x-sdk-3.6.0-v201512031715.zip93.53 MBview
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  1. Change version from 3.7.0 to 3.8.0 for new WTP builds for Eclipse Neon (details)
  2. current GEF build is broken (details)
  3. publish to 3.8.0 folders (details)
  4. Update GEF link. (details)
  5. Update prereqs for Neon M1 (details)
  6. updated prereq for GEF (details)
  7. revert changes to Jetty (details)
  8. Updating prereqs (details)
  9. Update Platform prereq to I build (details)
  10. Revert "Update Platform prereq to I build" (details)
  11. Revert "Revert "Update Platform prereq to I build"" (details)
  12. Update platform dependancy to R build to fix build breaks. (details)
  13. Update platform version to 4.6 M1 for Neon (details)
  14. Revert changes to jetty. Update dependancy to 9.2.9 again (details)
  15. Fix link to graphiti download file. (details)
  16. Update SDK platform and jetty to pick up jetty 9.3.2 (details)
  17. Update prereqs for Neon M1 (details)
  18. Update Graphiti for Neon (details)
  19. revert to platform Integration build to resolve Jetty dependancy (details)
  20. Update platform build (details)
  21. Revert platform to 20150825 build to fix build break (details)
  22. Update prereqs for Neon (details)
  23. Update prereqs for Neon (details)
  24. remove DTP dependency (details)
  25. Revert to Platform 4.6 M1 (details)
  26. Fix build break issues (details)
  27. [nobug] update tycho to 0.22.0 to support Java 8 compilation (details)
  28. [nobug] update tycho to 0.21.0 to support Java 8 compilation (details)
  29. Update prereqs and fix DTP build break issue. (details)
  30. [bug 478987] fix eclipserun issue (details)
  31. [479805] WTP 3.8 build fails to build org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.doc (details)
  32. change branch for webtools jsf tests (details)
  33. [nobug] revert Gerrit commit to wrong stream (details)
  34. making a fake commit. (details)
  35. Fake commit (details)
  36. Update DataTools prereq to V2.0.0 (details)
  37. Update prereqs for 3.8 builds (details)
  38. Update prereqs for M3 (details)
  39. Update prereqs for M3 (details)
  40. Update dtp for Neon M3 (details)
  41. Update GEF prereq (details)
  42. Update prereqs for M3 (details)
  43. [nobug] Update DTP to 1.13.0 (details)
  44. Update prereqs (details)
  45. Update Orbit prereq to pick up 3.2.2 version of (details)
  46. Update prereqs for 3.8.0 (details)
  47. Remove webtools.sourceediting.tests from builds (details)
  48. remove sourceediting.tests repo (details)
  49. [nobug] remove sourceediting.tests repo (details)
  50. Update prereqs for M4 (details)
  51. Update prereqs for M4 (details)

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