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Project WTP-Publish

Job to replicate the steps documented on renaming an I build as an S or R. Also works for M builds. CI builds to publish here on wtp-R3.16.0-I

When job is done, see next steps here:

Builds, once pushed, are here:

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Build Parameters

String Parametertimestamp = "" enter timestamp in format 20180302093744
String Parameterbuild_alias = "" to publish an I build as milestone/RC/R, enter build_alias=S-3.16.0.M1 or R-3.16.0
String Parameterstream = "3.16.0-I" 3.16.0-I
String ParameterrenameSource = "" If you're renaming an S to an R, you need to specify the source folder to rename, eg., S-3.16.0RC1-20190802093744 ... If not set, will assume a value like I-3.16.0-20180322133713
Boolean ParametersendEmail = false If checked, email will be sent announcing this build.