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Project WTP-Disk-Cleanup

Job that collects disk usage and can:
  • delete old workspaces (without deleting jobs), eg.,
    • /jobs/genie.webtools/ and *DEPRECATED/workspace/*
  • delete old builds (on build.eclipse)eg.,
    • /shared/webtools/committers/wtp-R3.10.0-I/ and 2018052*
  • delete old releases (on download.eclipse), eg.,
    • /home/data/httpd/ and I-3.10.0-201806*
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Build Parameters

String ParameterbaseDir = "/jobs/genie.webtools/*/workspace*/*" Base dir from which to get usage summary, then delete files, eg., /jobs/genie.webtools/*/workspace*/* or /shared/webtools/committers/wtp-R3.10.0-I/ or /home/data/httpd/
String ParameterdirsToDelete = "I_AM_NOT_A_FILE" space separated list of folders to delete, if found. Bash wildcards supported, eg., WTP-R3_9_x_Maintenance, 2018052* or I-3.10.0-201806* To delete nothing, use a pattern that won't match, like I_AM_NOT_A_FILE
Boolean ParameterdoDelete = false Check to actually perform deletion, when you're SURE you're not going to break stuff.