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  1. 389836 Analyse singing problem (detail)
  2. Revert "389836 Analyse singing problem" (detail)
  3. 513211 - Fix wrong version range for org.apache.tiles.request.* package imports (detail)
  4. 513213 - Fix wrong version range for javax.el.* package imports (detail)
  5. 513211 - Update Spring bundle coordinates (detail)
  6. 389836 Declare additional dependency for signing (detail)
  7. 389836 Copy assembled jar files for use with update site (detail)
  8. 511501 Move integration test to another package (detail)
  9. Signing Task depends on build (detail)
  10. Remove assemble depends oin signing (detail)
  11. signing after assemble (detail)
  12. 511501 Temporarily ignore test due to signing problems (detail)
  13. 511501 Move normalize/signing/compress to main Gradle file (detail)
  14. 511501 Move normalize/signing/compress to main Gradle file (detail)

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