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  1. [517058] Added tests to verify common behaviour in case of errors (details)
  2. [514628] Added coverage measurement to basic tests (details)
  3. [cps] update version for VIATRA Maven compiler (details)
  4. [cps] revert Xtext compiler to 2.10 and some minor releng updates (details)
  5. [CPS] update to Tycho 1.0.0 (details)
  6. [CPS] fix planexecutor JDT preferences (details)
  7. [CPS] fix POMs for Tycho update (details)
  8. [CPS] add Hudson toolchain (uses JDK instead of JRE) (details)
  9. [506618] Merged CPS model editor projects and added an example model (details)
  10. [506618] Ensure EMF editor only requires EMF 2.11 as in target platform (details)
  11. [setup] Removed unnecessary dependencies from CPS setup (details)
  12. [506618] Removed unnecessary generated extensions (details)

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