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  1. updated objectives, regenerated patterns (details)
  2. xtend syntactic sugars (details)
  3. rule name changed (details)
  4. [releng] update setup and target platform to Xtext 2.10 (details)
  5. [releng] add xtext milestone repository (details)
  6. rename cps.tests to cps.tests.util to avoid clash with other project (details)
  7. fix imports after move (details)
  8. host type deletion done recursively to get desired result (details)
  9. remove incorrect usage of length from code (details)
  10. dispose of statistics generation base index (details)
  11. dispose of statistics generation base index (details)
  12. Target platform updated for CPS example (details)
  13. [494915] Added a test case for flattening calls with multiple bodies (details)
  14. [CPS] add EMF generated code (details)
  15. [CPS] changed setup to use examples repo (details)
  16. [CPS] changed examples repo identifier (details)
  17. [CPS] updated generated code with copyright and other refinements (details)
  18. [CPS] fixed copyright year (details)
  19. [CPS] fixed duplicate ID generation in statistics based case (details)
  20. [495275] Simple test case to reproduce problem (details)
  21. #72 transitions mapped incorrectly by batch simple and optimized (details)
  22. [CPS] updated target to use explicit Mars.2 repository (details)
  23. [495677] Simple test case to reproduce problem (details)
  24. [495681] Test case to reproduce problem (details)
  25. [495677] Another related test failure (details)
  26. [495764] Test to reproduce problem (details)
  27. [495792] Test case to reproduce problem (details)
  28. [CPS] minor changes to setup and parent POM, rename query variant (details)
  29. [CPS] add local search support in transformation variants (details)
  30. [CPS] add VIATRA update site variable label (details)
  31. Added an example for the Transformation debugger (details)
  32. [Debugger] Fixed the debug example package hierarchy (details)

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