1. [552027] Updates disposal of notification listeners (details)
Commit 187867e961c7a74477e5e764a83ae10c8b039bed by Zoltan Ujhelyi
[552027] Updates disposal of notification listeners
This change updates the dispose method of the ViatraQueryEventHandler to
mirror the required creation order from the prepareAttributeMonitor
method. The change is most likely unnecessary (as opposed to the
initialization case where the order is extremely important) it makes
sense to keep the orders consistent to avoid unexpected issues.
Change-Id: Ic8c56c183cab0987522883f1869b24856b8b9522 Signed-off-by:
Zoltan Ujhelyi <zoltan.ujhelyi@incquerylabs.com>
The file was modifiedtransformation/plugins/org.eclipse.viatra.transformation.evm/src/org/eclipse/viatra/transformation/evm/specific/event/ViatraQueryEventHandler.java