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Disk usage

Jobs:68 MB, Builds:68 MB, Locked builds:-, All workspace:685 MB, Not current workspace:-

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Project nameJobsBuilds allBuilds lockedAll workspaceNot current slave workspace
Tyrus copyright and style check35 MB35 MB-117 MB-
Tyrus master test with Grizzly client container12 MB12 MB-116 MB-
Tyrus master test with JDK client container11 MB11 MB-116 MB-
tyrus-EE4J-continuous4 MB4 MB-116 MB-
Tyrus master build1 MB1 MB-116 MB-
Tyrus master release6 MB6 MB-89 MB-
close-release59 KB59 KB-5 MB-
tyrus-bom-release13 KB13 KB-5 MB-
Tyrus master artifacts deployment29 KB29 KB-5 MB-
Total68 MB68 MB-685 MB-