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  1. tmf: Split ImportTraceWizardPage into multiple classes (details)
  2. tmf: Bug 473195: Invalid thread access closing editors in non-UI thread (details)
  3. ctf: allow traces to read timestamps in fields [bug 470845] (details)
  4. remote: add automatic archive extraction to remote import. (details)
  5. ctf: fix parser not parsing "thing := keyword typealias;" regression (details)
  6. common: Add ObjectUtils with static methods deepEquals and deepHashCode (details)
  7. Analysis: Add the dependency graph plugin and base classes (details)
  8. Analysis: Add unit tests for the graph base classes (details)
  9. tmf: Fix TmfEventField#equals() (details)
  10. Update Oomph setup for 4.5 target and new 1.0.0 baseline (details)
  11. ss: Fix a bug where history tree node utilization is inaccurate (details)
  12. tmf: Wrong menu manager passed to appendToRawPopupMenu (details)
  13. tmf: Fix FetchRemoteTracesTest on Mac (details)
  14. ctf: add support for empty streams in a trace (details)
  15. ctf: Fix closed iterators still reattributed in CtfIteratorManager (details)
  16. releng: Upgrade to Tycho 0.23.1 (details)
  17. ctf: make metadata field names respect coding style. (details)
  18. ctf: Fix priority list containing closed streams (details)
  19. lttng control: Fix number of connection nodes not zero after deletion. (details)
  20. TMF: Close sequence diagram view after sequence diagram tests (details)
  21. ctf: support timestamps in event contexts (details)
  22. ctf: fixes tsdl in verbose metadata (details)
  23. tmf: Allow time graph zoomed event list to be built incrementally (details)
  24. tmf: Add an abstract state system time graph view (details)
  25. analysis: Make ControlFlowView extend AbstractStateSystemTimeGraphView (details)
  26. analysis: Make ResourcesView extend AbstractStateSystemTimeGraphView (details)
  27. tmf: Remove unused batch import trace wizard source code (details)
  28. ctf: add test trace for dynamic scopes, timestamps in fields, and empty (details)
  29. ss: Fix wrong indexing in TreeMapStore (details)
  30. tmf: Temporarily change @since 1.1 tags to @since 2.0 (details)
  31. ss: Also clear the size of the TreeMapStore in its dispose() (details)
  32. ss: Provide a basic implementation of ISegment (details)
  33. releng: Add a Maven profile to run a custom test suite in alltests (details)
  34. tmf: Don't use FileLocator for the test traces (details)
  35. Add new custom test suite to run the SWTBot tests repeatedly (details)

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