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  1. core: Add a method to list available providers for a trace. (detail)
  2. timing.core: Make sure data provider descriptors are returned only once (detail)
  3. tmf.core: Add events table to the available data provider descriptors (detail)
  4. releng: Update staging target with 2019-M2 dependencies (detail)
  5. tmf.ui: Improve background search by preventing to start new zoom thread (detail)
  6. tmf.ui: Add support for queryRangeStates (detail)
  7. xml: Add unit tests for XML compilation (detail)
  8. tmf: Fix time graph state color and height factor default handling (detail)
  9. tmf.ctf.test: Don't re-read the trace for each statistics test (detail)
  10. ctf.core: add test trace directory vlc to .gitignore (detail)
  11. analysis: Fix since tag in for host thread (detail)
  12. analysis: Add additional properties to analyses (detail)
  13. tmf.core: Fix event table data provider descriptor to return type TABLE (detail)
  14. xml: Add benchmark for XML analyses (detail)
  15. xml: Move all actions to new code path (detail)
  16. tmf.ui: fix potential NPE in Time Graph Presentation Provider. (detail)
  17. releng: Update staging target with bug-fixed 2019-03 M2 dependencies (detail)
  18. ctf.tests: Add MD5 checksum for test files to avoid unneeded downloads (detail)
  19. test: Make sure that analysis is initialized before waitForCompletion() (detail)
  20. xml: Move FSM and transitions to new code path (detail)
  21. xml: Change name of the performance test (detail)
  22. Major change in model responses in preparation for the TSP (detail)
  23. Remove *QueryFilter from all the data providers (detail)
  24. dataprovider: Fix DataProviderParameterUtils to accept list of numbers (detail)
  25. swtbot: Fix TmfAlignTimeAxisTest (detail)
  26. lttng.test: rename perfTest to Benchmark (detail)
  27. releng: Change how plug-ins reference o.e.jdt.annotation (detail)
  28. os: bug 544585 Fix disk activity ratio (detail)
  29. ctf.test: Reduce autogenerated trace size by 50% (detail)
  30. tmf: Bug 544643: Experiment trimming creates empty experiment (detail)
  31. tmf: Fix ResourceUtilTest in Windows (detail)
  32. tmf.core: Enhance error message in TmfAttributePool (detail)
  33. perf: Add the LTTng XML performance test to daily run (detail)
  34. lttng: Add a CPU Usage benchmark (detail)
  35. json: Remove quotes from field value in sorting job (detail)
  36. json: Fix AOOBE when event has no timestamp (detail)
  37. linux.core: move null check in equals (detail)
  38. lttng: Add test files to binary (detail)
  39. releng: Update staging target with 2019-03 M3 dependencies (detail)
  40. linux: Have the CPU Usage use TID analysis (detail)
  41. releng: Update Linux Tools with release repository (detail)
  42. pcap: Add support for PcapNG (detail)
  43. tmf.core: move getEventAspects from editor to TmfExperiment (detail)
  44. tmf: Avoid IndexOutOfBoundsException when accessing marker categories (detail)
  45. ctf.test:Accelerate test cases (detail)
  46. releng: Update Trace Compass features version to 4.3.0 (detail)
  47. releng: Update plug-in versions for 4.3.0 release (detail)
  48. releng: Fix pom.xml of tmf.filter.parser for version update script (detail)
  49. releng: Add for Eclipse 2019-03 (detail)
  50. xml: Move the pattern provider to the new code path (detail)
  51. releng: update year in copyright headers for RCP (detail)
  52. releng: Update for Eclipse 2019-03 RC2 (detail)
  53. tmf: Bug 545413: TmfPerspectiveManager ignores experiment perspective (detail)
  54. Fix ListenerList raw type warnings (detail)
  55. tmf.ui: introduce "zoom to selection" shortcut. (detail)
  56. ss.core: Give more information in illegalstateexception (detail)
  57. tmf.ctf.core: reduce unit tests execution in Event (detail)
  58. tmf.ctf.core: reduce unit tests execution time-Trace. (detail)
  59. tmf.ctf.core: reduce unit tests execution time-Trace. (detail)
  60. tmf.ctf.core: reduce unit tests execution time-Trace. (detail)
  61. tmf.ctf.core: reduce unit tests execution time-Event. (detail)
  62. tmf.ui: add tooltips for markers (detail)
  63. tmf.ctf.core: reduce unit tests execution time in context. (detail)
  64. tmf.ctf.core: reduce unit tests execution time in event (detail)
  65. tmf.ctf.core: reduce unit tests execution time in event (detail)
  66. releng: Add Trace Compass 4.3.0 baseline (detail)
  67. releng: update 4.11 target to Eclipse 2019-03 release update sites (detail)
  68. swtbot: Increase unit test timeouts (detail)
  69. releng: Build Trace Compass with 4.11 target by default (detail)
  70. tmf: bug 545560: Don't add categories of entry markers to marker axis (detail)
  71. tmf.ctf.core: reduce unit tests execution time in request (detail)
  72. xml: bug 545274 Fix future time as string (detail)
  73. ctf.core: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated API in VariantDefinition (detail)
  74. tmf.core: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated APIs tmf statistics (detail)
  75. tmf.core: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated API in AbstractTreeDataProvider (detail)
  76. tmf.ui: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated ITmGraphPresentationProvider2 (detail)
  77. tmf.ui: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated TmfCommonXLineChartViewer (detail)
  78. tmf.ui: Bug 544022: Move deprecated Messages to internal (detail)
  79. common: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated StreamUtils (detail)
  80. tmf.ui: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated FilterManager class (detail)
  81. tmf.ui: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated APIs in project model (detail)
  82. lttng: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated methods in graph package (detail)
  83. os.linux: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated API in KernelThreadInfoProvider (detail)
  84. analysis: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated APIs in segment store classes (detail)
  85. releng: update 4.11 target to use Linux Tools release (detail)
  86. timing: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated APIs in segment store views (detail)
  87. tmf: Bug 544022: Remove deprecated CallStack view and related classes (detail)
  88. lttng: Bug 544022: Remove Virtual Machine analysis and view (detail)
  89. swtbot: Fix CtfTmfExperimentTrimmingTest (detail)
  90. releng: Update OOMPH setup file for 4.3.0 (detail)
  91. tmf.core: Add tests for data provider *ParameterUtils (detail)
  92. theme: Bug 545648: Fix default highlight color in table for dark theme (detail)
  93. xml: Move time graph data provider to new code path (detail)
  94. swtbot: Improve isTableCellFilled() failure message (detail)
  95. control: Increase timeout for importing remote traces (detail)
  96. remote: Increase test timeout for fetching remote traces (detail)
  97. tmf: Increase test timeout for import traces (detail)
  98. test: Fix StateProviderTest by ensuring state system is built (detail)
  99. integration: Increase test timeout for dialogs to close for disk access (detail)
  100. tmf.core: Improve data provider parameters utils (detail)
  101. ctf.core: Sort streams by filename if timestamp is the same (detail)
  102. swtbot: Fix TimeGraphViewTest (detail)
  103. tmf.ui.swbot.viewers: reduce unit tests execution time in events. (detail)
  104. integration: Fix tests for renaming/copying of filesystem sym. links (detail)
  105. swtbot: Fix usage of ImageHelper.adjustExpectedColor() (detail)
  106. dataprovider: Add support for regex filters in parameters map (detail)
  107. tmf: Bug 546017: Missing experiment trace type id in TmfExperiment (detail)
  108. tmf.ui: don't dispose tooltip when the cursor is over it (detail)
  109. tmf: Bug 546017: Missing experiment trace type id in TmfExperiment (detail)
  110. xml: bug 546340 Fix XY view delta values (detail)
  111. Add a 'forgotten' tid assignment in the getThreadId for STRING type case (detail)
  112. tmf: Bug 546257: state system explorer OOME (detail)
  113. ss: Bug 546343: IllegalStateException in ThreadedHistoryBackend (detail)
  114. target: Update Eclipse to 4.12M (detail)
  115. swtbot: Fix ProjectExplorerTracesFolderTest (detail)
  116. ctf: avoid npe on seeking beyond the end of a trace (detail)
  117. tmf: Centralize time zoom/scroll command handlers for WASDZ keystrokes (detail)
  118. tmf: Introduce WASD zoom, scroll and zoom to selection in XY Charts (detail)
  119. statesystem: Future event allows pop and push (detail)
  120. xml: Add support to future push/pop (detail)
  121. tmf: Add zoom-in/out buttons to XY charts (detail)
  122. tmf: add +/- keyboard short-cut zooming in xy-charts (detail)
  123. tmf: add SwtBot tests for WASDZ navigation and zoom for time graphs (detail)
  124. tmf: Fix command context activation in TmfXYChartViewer (detail)
  125. releng: fix junit on staging, 4.9, 4.10 and 4.11 (detail)
  126. tmf: add SwtBot tests for WASDZ navigation and zoom for XY Charts (detail)
  127. doc: Update user doc for WASDZ navigation and zooming (detail)
  128. doc: update user guide for zoom-in/out buttons in XY charts (detail)
  129. tmf: fix xy chart swtbot test due to focus issue (detail)
  130. model: Move IFilterableDataModel in IElementResolver (detail)
  131. filtering: Add support of OS entry filtering (detail)
  132. os: Add an OsStrings class for user facing strings (detail)
  133. tmf.core: fix API errors (detail)
  134. tmf: Add SwtBot test for AD navigation in XYCharts (detail)
  135. tmf: Fix multiToMapPredicate() to compile on e4.6 Neon target (detail)
  136. xml: Move XY providers to new code path (detail)
  137. OS: Allow filters on CPU and PID (detail)
  138. tmf: Allow time graph entry selection when window range is empty (detail)
  139. releng: Build help plug-ins with Maven dependencies for Mylyn only (detail)
  140. lttng.kernel.ui.swbot: Reduce test exec time (detail)
  141. tmf.ctf.ui.swbot.trim: Reduce the execution time. (detail)
  142. reduce unit tests execution time-Events. (detail)
  143. tmf: Use trace path in TmfTraceManager.getTemporaryDir() (detail)
  144. ctf.core: Use SparseList if events have ids over a certain value (detail)
  145. tmf: Bug 546878: Deadlock in TmfTimeViewer (detail)
  146. swtbot: Add SWTBotSwtChartSeries (detail)
  147. tmf: Make viewer getters public in TmfChartView (detail)
  148. tmf.ui: Fixes to base data provider view (detail)
  149. tmf.ui: Make sure global filters are updated in ui thread (detail)
  150. xml: Add a user-defined ID to data providers (detail)
  151. os: Add a private constructor to OsStrings (detail)
  152. ctf.core: Add additional search for CPU aspect. (detail)
  153. Change operator "|" to operator "||" (detail)
  154. tmf.ui: Remove messages related to callstack view (detail)
  155. dataprovider: Use a default parameter value if not present (detail)
  156. OS: remove null warnings in KernelCpuUsageAnalysis (detail)
  157. syscalls: Categorize system calls by component (detail)
  158. xml: fix bug 543741 integer entries are sorted numerically (detail)
  159. tmf.ui: Use Browser for tooltips (detail)
  160. tmf.ui: add tooltip categories (detail)
  161. tmf.ui: Show tooltip categories in sections (detail)
  162. tmf.ui: Make XY plots use Browser tooltip (detail)
  163. tmf.ui: make histogram use new tooltips (detail)
  164. tmf: Fix @since tag (detail)
  165. tmf.ui: make tooltip colors reflect series colors in XY plots (detail)
  166. xml: fix bug 547330 get values of sub-fields (detail)
  167. doc: document tooltip updates (detail)
  168. lttng: Fix the futex analysis (detail)
  169. tmf: fix bug 545294 remove second PID/TID column (detail)
  170. StateSystem: Fix createLeafNode() javadoc (detail)
  171. ctf: Fix a bug that hangs TC when sequences too long (detail)
  172. timing: Filter segment on the content's field as well (detail)
  173. xml: pattern segment content are objects (detail)
  174. releng: Update eStaging target to 4.12M2 (detail)
  175. tmf.ui: make cross and plus thicker. (detail)
  176. tmf.ui: Give legend testable ids (detail)
  177. analysis: Fix compilation error in Oxygen (detail)
  178. xml: bug 547701 Compare TimeGraphEntryModel in time graph view (detail)
  179. tmf: Make time scale format use Time Format preference by default (detail)
  180. doc: Remove External Tool Builder reference in doc .project files (detail)
  181. common: Add external annotations to (detail)
  182. tmf: Add ToolTipString to tool tip handler (detail)
  183. tmf: Bug 534585: ConcurrentModificationException in BaseDataProviderTGV (detail)
  184. tmf: Fix tool tip font and size (detail)
  185. Fixes empty methods warnings (detail)
  186. dataprovider: ISeriesModel data type and series ID as key for TmfXyModel (detail)
  187. core: Remove filter Long.MAX_VALUE comparison (detail)
  188. releng: Update eStaging target to 4.12M3 (detail)
  189. [dataprovider] Revert deprecated method in ISeriesModel (detail)
  190. segstore: remove useless register (detail)
  191. tmf.ui: make XY line chart tooltips use same format as chart (detail)
  192. [dataprovider] Renaming parameter keys to be more consistent (detail)
  193. tmf.ui: update tooltips in density view (detail)
  194. ui: do not require time graph entry models (detail)
  195. filters: Filter on Object instead of String (detail)
  196. tmf: fix minor comments after tracer-server merge to master (detail)
  197. tmf.ui: use Browser tooltips for Scatter plots (detail)
  198. tmf.ui: introduce Line entries into the time graph view (detail)
  199. releng: Update Trace Compass features version to 5.0.0 (detail)
  200. Rename TmfXYAxis to TmfXYAxisDescription (detail)
  201. tmf: Bug 547954: Tooltip size incorrect due to SWT bug (detail)
  202. incubator: Add the update site to tmf's p2.inf (detail)
  203. tmf.ui.test: test Time Graph Line (detail)
  204. linux.core: fix resource view separator height. (detail)
  205. tmf.ui: add ToolTipString tests (detail)
  206. releng: Update eStaging target to 4.12RC1 (detail)
  207. xml: Add tests for segment content (detail)
  208. StateSystem: Add VarInt for duration of interval (detail)
  209. StateSystem: Use HTVarInt encoding for start (detail)
  210. Make anonymous inner class a lambda (detail)
  211. tmf: fix reversed sort (detail)
  212. tmf: Improve tooltip layout and preferred size calculations (detail)
  213. tmf: Add SwtBot tests for sequence diagram print dialog and view menus (detail)
  214. lami.core.test: Add aspect tests (detail)
  215. Empty methods warning fix (detail)
  216. test: Ignore SDViewTest.testSDPrintUi() that hangs test intermittently (detail)
  217. timing.test: Make sure that editor is active before running test (detail)
  218. swtbot: Fix ConditionHelpers (detail)
  219. releng: Update 4.12 and staging targets to 2019-06 release update sites (detail)
  220. releng: Add Trace Compass 5.0.0 baseline (detail)
  221. swtbot: Fix SDViewTest.testSDPrintUi() (detail)
  222. tmf: Validate element under trace folder in TmfOpenTraceHelper (detail)
  223. jsontrace: Return warning status when IOException caught in SortingJob (detail)
  224. tmf: Include exception in logged errors in TmfOpenTraceHelper (detail)
  225. tmf.core: update version number for newly added APIs (detail)
  226. tmf.core: remove TODO (detail)
  227. tmf.core: Add a method to remove a data provider (detail)
  228. swtbot: Fix ConditionHelpers.isTableCellFilled() failure message (detail)
  229. swtbot: Increase delete project timeout (detail)
  230. common: Add units to formatted String '0' (detail)
  231. tmf.ui: streamline all error message dialogs (detail)
  232. releng: Activate build for 4.12 target by default (detail)
  233. tmf.ui: extract open source code action (detail)
  234. tmf.core: allow multiple callsites per event (detail)
  235. ctf: add event, packet and stream aspects to CTF (detail)
  236. tmf.ui: support multiple callsites menu option (detail)
  237. tmf.ui: add notion of callsite aspects (detail)
  238. linux.core: Introduce getExecutableName(module, TID, time) (detail)
  239. tmf: Add a class to get common externalized time strings (detail)
  240. swtbot: Fix XYDataProviderBaseTest.isChartDataValid() JSON file path (detail)
  241. swtbot: Fix TimeGraphViewTest (detail)
  242. swtbot: Cleanup perspectives in TmfAlignTimeAxisTest (detail)
  243. swtbot: Fix ConditionHelpers.viewIsClosed() for targets < 4.10 (detail)
  244. Fix @since tags (detail)
  245. swtbot: Fix ProjectExplorerTracesFolderTest.getTraceProperty() (detail)
  246. tmf: Improve Uml2SDSignalValidator tests (detail)
  247. tmf: Bug 549288: Missing marker tool tip when zoomed in (detail)
  248. releng: Prepare Trace Compass for generation of the javadoc (detail)
  249. StateSystem: Add HTVarInt encoding for HTInterval duration (detail)
  250. StateSystem: Add HTVarInt encoding for Basic Segment (detail)
  251. Replace all Map.get and condition with a call to Map.computeIfAbsent (detail)
  252. segment & states: Support filtering on start/end/duration (detail)
  253. common: Move SubSecondTimeWithUnitFormat to common (detail)
  254. common: Improve formatted string parsing and tests (detail)
  255. filter: Allow formatted numbers on filters (detail)
  256. filter: Support the colon and semi-colon characters (detail)
  257. os: Unify the string for exec name (detail)
  258. [Fixed] Bug 549462: btf: Allow comment lines between event lines (detail)
  259. [Fixed] Bug 549465: btf: Support optional notes for each event type (detail)
  260. timing.ui: allow segments to be source lookups (detail)
  261. tmf.ui: Resolve orphaned data provider entries (detail)
  262. tests: Add a higher confidence to XML trace stub (detail)
  263. common.core: annotate arraylist and deque (detail)
  264. tmf.ui: Add a loadingTrace method to time graph view (detail)
  265. ss: Allow attributes to have line breaks (detail)
  266. releng: Update target's pom.xml with the 4.12 target (detail)
  267. xml: add a user-defined ID to data provider factory (detail)
  268. tmf: bug 547262 move StateSystemExplorer to a data provider (detail)
  269. swtbot: Fix SegmentTableTest duration sorting (detail)
  270. tmf: Bug 549498: Incorrect time graph font size on high DPI screen (detail)
  271. releng: Update eStaging target to 2019-09 M1 (detail)
  272. tmf.ui: reduce complexity in StateSystemExplorer. (detail)
  273. tmf.ui: Update filters in UI thread for events table (detail)
  274. releng: Fix sonar build introduced due to SonarQube version updates (detail)
  275. btf: Fix @since tag (detail)
  276. timing: Fix potential NPE when view descriptor does not exist (detail)
  277. releng: Increase download timeout for getting test traces (detail)
  278. releng: Downgrade sonar-maven-plugin version to 3.2 (detail)
  279. pcap: add MD5 checksum to test files to avoid unnecessary downloads (detail)
  280. filters: Do not re-generate filter expressions at each test (detail)
  281. timing: Filter segments table in a job (detail)
  282. tmf.ui: fix potential NPE in TmfCommonXLineChartTooltipProvider (detail)
  283. tmf.core: Fixup TmfEventsStatistics (detail)
  284. tmf.ui: Active 'Pre-set filters' CTabItem in SwtBotTest (detail)
  285. pcap: Don't delete test traces during clean (detail)
  286. releng: Add script to update the user visible copyright year in the RCP (detail)
  287. lami.test: rename LamiAspectsTests to LamiAspectTest (detail)
  288. json: rename test to tests (detail)
  289. ui: Get the global filter from TraceCompassFilter class (detail)
  290. tmf.ui: Add the view ID as property of output element (detail)
  291. tmf: Bug 548412: time selection delta cannot be negative on some views (detail)
  292. tmf: Fix TmfTimePreferencesTest (detail)
  293. tmf: Bug 549582: Filter can't be deleted from Filters view (detail)
  294. profiling: skip profiling swtbot tests when skip-automated-ui-tests (detail)
  295. lami.core: Centralize comparators (detail)
  296. lami.core: make all aspects inherit from LamiGenericAspect (detail)
  297. lami.core: fix various warnings (detail)
  298. jsontrace: fix casting issue sortingtrace (detail)
  299. pcap: remove trailing } from comment line (detail)
  300. StateSystem: Fix HTVarInt unsigned testing (detail)
  301. common.core: introduce XmlUtils#newSafeDocumentBuilderFactory (detail)
  302. tmf.core: deprecate TmfEventsStatistics (detail)
  303. timing: Segment table parses filtered list only once (detail)
  304. ust: Do not check existence of file to get symbols (detail)
  305. linux.ui: remove duplication in presentation provider (detail)
  306. btf: Bug 549944: NullPointerException in BtfTrace.validate() (detail)
  307. Adds private constructors to utility classes (detail)
  308. tmf.ui: Fix NPE in StateSystemPresentationProvider (detail)
  309. releng: Update eStaging target to 2019-09 M2 (detail)
  310. tmf: Bug 550454: Fix invalid memory allocation in base data provider (detail)
  311. tmf.ui: simplify not button creation. (detail)
  312. tmf.core: centralize isNot() and setNot to ITmfFilterTreeNode (detail)
  313. tmf.core/ui: remove duplication in filter value entry (detail)
  314. tmf.core: fix javadoc in AbstractTmfStateProvider (detail)
  315. xml: Remove the @Nullable in XY data provider factory (detail)
  316. tmf.ui: Allow every filter to be negated (detail)
  317. releng: Update Trace Compass features version to 5.1.0 (detail)
  318. tmf: Bug 550800: Improve Dark Theme support in Filters view (detail)
  319. rcp: Bug 550903: Remove unwanted quick search main menu (detail)
  320. tmf.core: fix Callsite Aspect's name and description inversion (detail)
  321. lttng: Bug 550947: Fix active thread filtering for selected CPUs (detail)
  322. tmf.core: fix null warnings (detail)
  323. swtbot: Add test for available analyses (detail)
  324. Add fetchStyle to data provider API (detail)
  325. linux.core: Fix dishonorable mistranslation (detail)
  326. tmf.core: move #cpu from OsStrings to TmfStrings (detail)
  327. tmf.core: Introduce TmfStrings#source (detail)
  328. time graph: make ui zoom thread is started in the UI thread (detail)
  329. filters: The match function also checks for equality (detail)
  330. lttng: Bug 551561: Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException in Kernel Memory View (detail)
  331. releng: Change Deprecated API severity from Error to Warning (detail)
  332. tmf.core: Introduce Callsite analysis (detail)
  333. tmf.core: Provide callsite iterator implementation callsites (detail)
  334. tmf.core: test CallsiteAnalsis (detail)
  335. linux.core: Add source location into resources view and control flow (detail)
  336. tmf.ui: click on tooltip for source lookup (detail)
  337. tmf.ui: create lookup action for every Source entry in tooltips (detail)
  338. profiling.core: add notion of CPU to callstack analysis (detail)
  339. critical path: Set unknown [soft]irq as blocked (detail)
  340. UST: Add a validity period to binary callsites and cache them (detail)
  341. Releng: Bug 550846: Change certain compiler settings to Warning (detail)
  342. tmf.core: introduce TmfDeviceAspect (detail)
  343. tmf.ui: Support source entry in tooltips for Flame Chart view (detail)
  344. tmf.core: Make callsites handle multiple device types (detail)
  345. [dataprovider] Changes ITimeGraphState and ITimeGraphEntryModel metadata (detail)
  346. timing: Set the initial only once in the segment table (detail)
  347. Base time graph presentation provider based on data provider fetchStyle (detail)
  348. Fetch annotation for data provider (detail)
  349. Support fetching view markers from output annotation provider (detail)
  350. tmf: Improve TimeGraphLegend layout (detail)
  351. Support styles for arrows (detail)
  352. Support style hierarchy and more style properties (detail)
  353. tmf: Deprecate methods of ITimeEventStyleStrings (detail)
  354. ust: Synchronize the UST symbol provider loading (detail)
  355. datastore.test: fix sonar warnings in AbstractHistoryTreeBaseTest (detail)
  356. releng: Add e4.13 and update eStaging targets for 2019-09 release (detail)
  357. xml: disable XXE parsing in corner cases (detail)
  358. remote.ui: fix security issues in remote (detail)
  359. xml.core: fix SonarQube security violations (detail)
  360. tmf.core: Allow AbstractFileCheckpointCollection (detail)
  361. releng: Add Trace Compass 5.1.0 baseline (detail)
  362. releng: Update OOMPH setup file for 5.1.0 (detail)
  363. timing: Use ID as name to get appearance of scatter points (detail)
  364. timing: Fix filter properties in scatter data provider (detail)
  365. ust: Invalidate symbol cache when configuration changes (detail)
  366. Support scopes and id table in tree data providers (detail)
  367. tmf: Remove full list optimization in AbstractTimeGraphView zoom thread (detail)
  368. tmf: Fix legend color for arrow style (detail)
  369. releng: Activate build for 4.13 target by default (detail)
  370. tmf: Add Show Labels view menu to time graph views (detail)
  371. tmf: Support overridable fetch parameters for time graph data provider (detail)
  372. tmf: Add segment aspect type (detail)
  373. pcap: Remove PDE launch configuration for doc build (detail)
  374. analysis: Refactor Ust Debug Info Symbol Provider implementation (detail)
  375. Support tooltip information from multiple data providers (detail)
  376. common.core: fix all sonar warnings in BufferedBlockingQueue (detail)
  377. common.core: make NonNullUtils#checkNotNull use Objects#requireNonNull (detail)
  378. tmf: Use presentation provider to get tooltip for source code lookup (detail)
  379. tmf: Add TimeGraphState constructor that takes value and style (detail)
  380. tmf: Bug 552664: ConcurrentModifException in StateSystemDataProvider (detail)
  381. releng: Add e4.14 and update eStaging targets for 2019-12 M2 (detail)
  382. analysis: Fix @since tag (detail)
  383. Fix Null Analysis errors (detail)
  384. releng: Bug 552713: Support building of Trace Compass with Java 11 (detail)
  385. tmf: Fix AddProjectNatureTest in 4.14 (detail)
  386. tmf: Add o.e.t.common.core plugin to tmf feature (detail)
  387. tmf: use selection time for source code location in tooltip (detail)
  388. tmf: fix time graph tooltip handler for source code lookup. (detail)
  389. tmf.core: use ArrayDeque instead of LinkedList in AttributePool (detail)
  390. rcp: Use org.apache.commons.cli for command-line parsing (detail)
  391. tmf.core: remove race in indexer (detail)
  392. tmf: Bug 553074: Tooltip not shown for String or null value in SSE view (detail)
  393. tmf.core: Deprecate AbstractFileCheckpointCollection#getFileChannel (detail)
  394. core: add toString methods to data provider API classes (detail)
  395. Ust: add a library symbol to UST debug info (detail)
  396. lami.ui: add "// do nothing" to empty constructor. (detail)
  397. test: Enable ProjectExplorerRefreshTest (detail)
  398. tmf: Support extend selection with Shift+click on marker axis (detail)
  399. tmf: Bug 553068: Inefficient use of regex pattern in MATCHES filter (detail)
  400. doc: Update user guide for Shift+click on marker axis (detail)
  401. tmf.swtbot: Add test for c-project refresh when deleting traces (detail)
  402. control: Bug 552703: Fix getting list of contexts for LTTng 2.11 (detail)
  403. tmf: Style manager does not apply opacity to default color (detail)
  404. rcp: make the cli trace to open the active one (detail)
  405. rcp.ui: allow multiple traces to be opened via command line (detail)
  406. test: Fix intermittent failure in ProjectExplorerRefreshTest for Oxygen (detail)
  407. rcp: Remove o.e.t.common.core plugin from rcp feature (detail)
  408. tmf: Support full background search in AbstractTimeGraphView (detail)
  409. tmf: Don't get data provider in the analysis started signal (detail)
  410. cli: Add plugin and extension point for CLI actions (detail)
  411. tmf.ui: Add ability to set a fixed range for Y axis (detail)
  412. rcp: Port the CLI parser to extension point (detail)
  413. linux.ui: Use Objects#equals rather than != for Long egality (detail)
  414. linux.ui: remove useless split (detail)
  415. tmf: Fix return value of openTraceFromPath() for non-traces (detail)
  416. releng: Update e4.14 and eStaging targets to 2019-12 M3 (detail)
  417. releng: Add tmf.cli feature to legacy tracing.product file (detail)
  418. tmf.ui: launch an analysis by double-clicking or context-sensitive menu. (detail)
  419. tmf.ui: Add attribute for opening events table with trace aspects (detail)
  420. tmf: Use a code with the status of openTraceFromPath (detail)
  421. releng: update category.xml to provide o.e.t.cli feature on update site (detail)
  422. linux: Have thread status implement output style provider (detail)
  423. test: Fix intermittent test failure during integration tests. (detail)
  424. doc: describe launching of an analysis from Project Explorer (detail)
  425. releng: Update e4.14 and eStaging targets to 2019-12 RC1 (detail)
  426. xml: Fix IOException in XmlPatternAnalysis when running the first time (detail)
  427. tmf: Invert check of scheduleAnalysis() execution success for logging (detail)
  428. statesystem.core: Introduce StateSystem#queryOngoing() (detail)
  429. tmf.all: Re-interrupt methods catching "InterruptedException". (detail)
  430. benchmarks: Use absolute path for CTF benchmark traces (detail)
  431. releng: Update Trace Compass plug-in and feature versions for 5.2.0 (detail)
  432. tmf: Instrument the tree viewer's tree update (detail)
  433. kernel.ui: remove useless null comparison (detail)

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