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Build Artifacts
  1. tmf: Fix multiToMapPredicate() to compile on e4.6 Neon target (detail)
  2. xml: Move XY providers to new code path (detail)
  3. OS: Allow filters on CPU and PID (detail)
  4. tmf: Allow time graph entry selection when window range is empty (detail)
  5. releng: Build help plug-ins with Maven dependencies for Mylyn only (detail)
  6. lttng.kernel.ui.swbot: Reduce test exec time (detail)
  7. tmf.ctf.ui.swbot.trim: Reduce the execution time. (detail)
  8. reduce unit tests execution time-Events. (detail)
  9. tmf: Use trace path in TmfTraceManager.getTemporaryDir() (detail)
  10. ctf.core: Use SparseList if events have ids over a certain value (detail)
  11. tmf: Bug 546878: Deadlock in TmfTimeViewer (detail)
  12. swtbot: Add SWTBotSwtChartSeries (detail)
  13. tmf: Make viewer getters public in TmfChartView (detail)
  14. tmf.ui: Fixes to base data provider view (detail)
  15. tmf.ui: Make sure global filters are updated in ui thread (detail)
  16. xml: Add a user-defined ID to data providers (detail)
  17. os: Add a private constructor to OsStrings (detail)
  18. ctf.core: Add additional search for CPU aspect. (detail)
  19. Change operator "|" to operator "||" (detail)
  20. tmf.ui: Remove messages related to callstack view (detail)
  21. OS: remove null warnings in KernelCpuUsageAnalysis (detail)
  22. syscalls: Categorize system calls by component (detail)
  23. xml: fix bug 543741 integer entries are sorted numerically (detail)
  24. tmf.ui: Use Browser for tooltips (detail)
  25. tmf.ui: add tooltip categories (detail)
  26. tmf.ui: Show tooltip categories in sections (detail)
  27. tmf.ui: Make XY plots use Browser tooltip (detail)
  28. tmf.ui: make histogram use new tooltips (detail)
  29. tmf: Fix @since tag (detail)
  30. tmf.ui: make tooltip colors reflect series colors in XY plots (detail)
  31. xml: fix bug 547330 get values of sub-fields (detail)
  32. doc: document tooltip updates (detail)
  33. lttng: Fix the futex analysis (detail)
  34. tmf: fix bug 545294 remove second PID/TID column (detail)
  35. StateSystem: Fix createLeafNode() javadoc (detail)
  36. ctf: Fix a bug that hangs TC when sequences too long (detail)
  37. timing: Filter segment on the content's field as well (detail)
  38. xml: pattern segment content are objects (detail)
  39. releng: Update eStaging target to 4.12M2 (detail)
  40. tmf.ui: make cross and plus thicker. (detail)
  41. tmf.ui: Give legend testable ids (detail)
  42. analysis: Fix compilation error in Oxygen (detail)
  43. xml: bug 547701 Compare TimeGraphEntryModel in time graph view (detail)
  44. tmf: Make time scale format use Time Format preference by default (detail)
  45. doc: Remove External Tool Builder reference in doc .project files (detail)
  46. common: Add external annotations to (detail)
  47. tmf: Add ToolTipString to tool tip handler (detail)
  48. tmf: Bug 534585: ConcurrentModificationException in BaseDataProviderTGV (detail)
  49. tmf: Fix tool tip font and size (detail)
  50. Fixes empty methods warnings (detail)
  51. releng: Update eStaging target to 4.12M3 (detail)
  52. segstore: remove useless register (detail)
  53. tmf.ui: make XY line chart tooltips use same format as chart (detail)

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