1. Replace the uneven-streams trace (details)
  2. Actually update version number (details)
Commit 760be486ce4ce69ecc82c5e2a138ac7c2a42aa22 by Alexandre Montplaisir
Replace the uneven-streams trace

The previous trace did have streams of different ranges, but all the
actual events were part of the intersection of all streams, so it was
not very useful for testing it event-wise.

Replace it with another trace that has a very different event count
between all streams and the intersection range (for reference, this
trace was taken by hot-plugging a CPU while tracing).

Version 1.7.1
("breaking" change, but nothing committed depended on the previous trace
so it should be safe to just do a minor bump).

Signed-off-by: Alexandre Montplaisir <>
The file was modifiedctf/src/main/resources/uneven-streams/channel0_0
The file was modifiedctf/src/main/resources/uneven-streams/metadata
The file was modifiedctf/src/main/java/org/eclipse/tracecompass/testtraces/ctf/
The file was modifiedctf/src/main/resources/uneven-streams/index/channel0_3.idx
The file was modifiedctf/src/main/resources/uneven-streams/index/channel0_0.idx
The file was modifiedctf/src/main/resources/uneven-streams/channel0_1
The file was modifiedctf/src/main/resources/uneven-streams/index/channel0_2.idx
The file was modifiedctf/src/main/resources/uneven-streams/index/channel0_1.idx
The file was modifiedctf/src/main/resources/uneven-streams/channel0_3
The file was modifiedctf/src/main/resources/uneven-streams/channel0_2
Commit afa50819d7e4ca3dbd0f4e248f9a4125282e6877 by Alexandre Montplaisir
Actually update version number

Signed-off-by: Alexandre Montplaisir <>
The file was modifiedctf/pom.xml
The file was modifiedpom.xml
The file was modifiedupdate-site/pom.xml