1. Restore "Add test traces for memory usage view" (details)
Commit 37c69ab7a042f470d792156adf2ba7076b700a16 by Alexandre Montplaisir
Restore "Add test traces for memory usage view"

This restores commit 6507725dd124a32a3c76b67cfa61a3775e2da94d
(and reverts 784762fc53bf18ec40d0d7269545a4a72070c6a2).

The standard jobs now always deploys to latest/, and we can copy
the contents in separate directories to make them available in
the composite repo.

Signed-off-by: Alexandre Montplaisir <>
The file was addedctf/src/main/resources/memory/metadata
The file was modifiedupdate-site/pom.xml
The file was modifiedpom.xml
The file was addedctf/src/main/resources/memory/channel0_1
The file was modifiedctf/src/main/java/org/eclipse/tracecompass/testtraces/ctf/
The file was addedctf/src/main/resources/memory/channel0_0
The file was addedctf/src/main/resources/memory/channel0_2
The file was addedctf/src/main/resources/memory/channel0_3
The file was modifiedctf/pom.xml