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  1. tmf.ui: Callstack the entry selection done only on the first match. (detail)
  2. doc: add and update documentation for latency views (detail)
  3. timing: Bug 500592: fix symbols for with debug info of Lttng 2.8 (detail)
  4. doc: update doc with OS Overview Perspective. (detail)
  5. lttng.ust: Do not skip unknown lines in addr2line output (detail)
  6. lttng.ust: Do not block in UstDebugInfoAnalysisModule (detail)
  7. doc: Add developer documentation for JUL logging (detail)
  8. tmf: SWTBot integration tests for Project Explorer trace folders (detail)
  9. lami.chart: use formatter on x axis for continuous data type (detail)
  10. SegStore: fix iterator caching in segment store. (detail)
  11. doc: update screenshot for system call latency statistics (detail)

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