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  1. [dataprovider] Changes ITimeGraphState and ITimeGraphEntryModel metadata (detail)
  2. timing: Set the initial only once in the segment table (detail)
  3. Base time graph presentation provider based on data provider fetchStyle (detail)
  4. Fetch annotation for data provider (detail)
  5. Support fetching view markers from output annotation provider (detail)
  6. tmf: Improve TimeGraphLegend layout (detail)
  7. Support styles for arrows (detail)
  8. Support style hierarchy and more style properties (detail)
  9. tmf: Deprecate methods of ITimeEventStyleStrings (detail)
  10. ust: Synchronize the UST symbol provider loading (detail)
  11. datastore.test: fix sonar warnings in AbstractHistoryTreeBaseTest (detail)
  12. releng: Add e4.13 and update eStaging targets for 2019-09 release (detail)
  13. xml: disable XXE parsing in corner cases (detail)
  14. remote.ui: fix security issues in remote (detail)
  15. xml.core: fix SonarQube security violations (detail)
  16. tmf.core: Allow AbstractFileCheckpointCollection (detail)
  17. releng: Add Trace Compass 5.1.0 baseline (detail)
  18. releng: Update OOMPH setup file for 5.1.0 (detail)
  19. timing: Use ID as name to get appearance of scatter points (detail)
  20. timing: Fix filter properties in scatter data provider (detail)
  21. ust: Invalidate symbol cache when configuration changes (detail)
  22. Support scopes and id table in tree data providers (detail)
  23. tmf: Remove full list optimization in AbstractTimeGraphView zoom thread (detail)
  24. tmf: Fix legend color for arrow style (detail)

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