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Build Artifacts
  1. uftrace.core: fix parser to better handle empty trace files. (detail)
  2. callstack: Add a flamegraph data provider (detail)
  3. scripting: Use scripts from github instead of examples (detail)
  4. scripting: Update documentation (detail)
  5. weighted tree: Remove unused formatter (detail)
  6. Fix compilation error due to latest Trace Compass (detail)
  7. Support fetch styles in trace server (detail)
  8. server: Fix NPE when deleting a trace (detail)
  9. maven: remove System.out.println in MavenTrace (detail)
  10. server: add ust.core to trace server (detail)
  11. scripting: Fix exception when opening Script Explorer (detail)
  12. traceevent: support opening traces with empty events (detail)
  13. ftrace: remove tmf.ui dependency in ftrace.core (detail)
  14. server: read first event when opening a trace (detail)
  15. scripting: Replace getAnalysis() by createScriptedAnalysis() (detail)
  16. scripting: Move the script event request to its own class (detail)
  17. scripting: Move the getFieldValue method to trace module (detail)
  18. scripting: Do not return "multiple states" as label (detail)
  19. target: Change update site for lsp4j (detail)
  20. skeleton: make parse properly (detail)
  21. server: delete supplementary folder when deleting trace (detail)
  22. trace-server: Add JUL logging statements to data provider (detail)
  23. open tracing: Remove UI dependency in opentracing.core (detail)
  24. opentracing: Add data provider descriptor for span life view (detail)
  25. server: Add open tracing to trace server (detail)
  26. weighted tree: Add a differential tree class (detail)
  27. Add an RCP product for the incubator (detail)
  28. releng: Build help plug-ins with Maven dependencies for Mylyn only (detail)
  29. releng: Support of building for Oxygen target (detail)
  30. callstack: Save flame graph data to temporary state system (detail)
  31. weighted tree: Add test for the WeightedTree class (detail)
  32. rcp: Point incubator .product file to the incubator product definition (detail)
  33. ftrace: Add documentation on the ftrace function graph (detail)
  34. target: Update target and RCP product to add tmf.cli (detail)
  35. scripting: Execute script in one method (detail)
  36. Scripting: Add a CLI handler for scripts (detail)
  37. rcp: add filters and scripting to the RCP build (detail)
  38. tracecompass: Augment confidence for JUL traces (detail)

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