1. callstack: Add PID to called functions (details)
Commit 51c78b6865eff16399c0fbdd314929f82c0b3df9 by genevieve bastien
callstack: Add PID to called functions
The function created from the segment store methods should also contain
the PID, since this data is necessary to resolve the function name.
Also, the name of a function now tries to resolve the symbol instead of
returning the symbol address as a string.
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The file was modifiedcallstack/org.eclipse.tracecompass.incubator.callstack.core/src/org/eclipse/tracecompass/incubator/callstack/core/instrumented/statesystem/
The file was modifiedcallstack/org.eclipse.tracecompass.incubator.callstack.core/src/org/eclipse/tracecompass/incubator/internal/callstack/core/instrumented/callgraph/