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  1. rcp: Remove o.e.t.common.core plugin from rcp feature (detail)
  2. tmf: Support full background search in AbstractTimeGraphView (detail)
  3. tmf: Don't get data provider in the analysis started signal (detail)
  4. cli: Add plugin and extension point for CLI actions (detail)
  5. tmf.ui: Add ability to set a fixed range for Y axis (detail)
  6. rcp: Port the CLI parser to extension point (detail)
  7. linux.ui: Use Objects#equals rather than != for Long egality (detail)
  8. linux.ui: remove useless split (detail)
  9. tmf: Fix return value of openTraceFromPath() for non-traces (detail)
  10. releng: Update e4.14 and eStaging targets to 2019-12 M3 (detail)
  11. releng: Add tmf.cli feature to legacy tracing.product file (detail)
  12. tmf.ui: launch an analysis by double-clicking or context-sensitive menu. (detail)
  13. tmf.ui: Add attribute for opening events table with trace aspects (detail)

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