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  1. tmf: Use a code with the status of openTraceFromPath (detail)
  2. releng: update category.xml to provide o.e.t.cli feature on update site (detail)
  3. linux: Have thread status implement output style provider (detail)
  4. test: Fix intermittent test failure during integration tests. (detail)
  5. doc: describe launching of an analysis from Project Explorer (detail)
  6. releng: Update e4.14 and eStaging targets to 2019-12 RC1 (detail)
  7. xml: Fix IOException in XmlPatternAnalysis when running the first time (detail)
  8. tmf: Invert check of scheduleAnalysis() execution success for logging (detail)
  9. statesystem.core: Introduce StateSystem#queryOngoing() (detail)
  10. tmf.all: Re-interrupt methods catching "InterruptedException". (detail)
  11. benchmarks: Use absolute path for CTF benchmark traces (detail)
  12. releng: Update Trace Compass plug-in and feature versions for 5.2.0 (detail)
  13. tmf: Instrument the tree viewer's tree update (detail)
  14. kernel.ui: remove useless null comparison (detail)

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