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  1. tmf.ui: Show a trace's time range in the project explorer (detail)
  2. common: Fix NPE in log arguments (detail)
  3. tmf.ui: Update JUL log points in common X line charts (detail)
  4. tmf: Bug 506660: Fix zoom out from 1 ns window range in time graph (detail)
  5. tmf.core: implement readEnd for CustomTxtTrace (detail)
  6. tmf.core: implement readEnd for CustomXmlTrace (detail)
  7. tmf.ui: Fix import of ctf dependency into tmf.ui (detail)
  8. tmf.ui: Add waitUntil#Predicate to WaitUtils (detail)
  9. tmf.ui: Add trace type preference page for trace type filtering (detail)
  10. tmf.ui: Add SWTBot test for trace type preferences page (detail)
  11. doc: Add documentation for trace type preference page (detail)
  12. tmf.ui: handle enabled/disabled trace types in the Filters View (detail)
  13. lttng: Remove procname from callstack requirements (detail)
  14. releng: Add baseline target definition for release 2.3.0 (detail)
  15. releng: Fix invalid since tag in several files (detail)

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