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  1. Terminal: Terminal widget moved to (details)
  2. Releng: Added TM Terminal repository site (details)
  3. Terminal: Fix bundle version reference in o.e.rse.terminals.ui (details)
  4. Releng: Fix RSE terminal dependencies to correctly use TM Terminal 4.0 (details)
  5. Releng: Fix version id in pom.xml of rse.terminals.ui (details)
  6. Releng: Fix build issues after uprev of rse.terminals features (details)
  7. Releng: Update Orbit repository to be used for Mars M7 (details)
  8. Releng: org.junit 3.8.x is not available for Mars M7 (details)
  9. Releng: Attempt to get rid of the pack200 crashes - see bug #464947 (details)
  10. Releng: Added CBI Snapshots repository (details)
  11. Releng: Switch to Mars RC2 Orbit repository (details)

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